BB5 bugs by Kane

  1. you can’t get heaven info if you selected other aircraft than Manticore.
    observation: if you have focus on Tiamat, left click on Anu’s heaven doesn’t bring ‘move’/‘info’ popup. you have to switch to Manticore to do that.
    able to reproduce: yes

  2. if heaven is building ‘elite training’ you can’t recruit even if you see information that (s)he is available.
    observation: like above
    able to reproduce: yes

  3. after selecting Tiamat, range indicator is not visible before the first flight
    observation: like above
    able to reproduce: yes

  4. No introduction to ‘virus’ mechanic. I got a Redemptor rifle, with ‘virus’ damage. There was no introduction for this mechanic.

  5. there is no info about containment size/limits. on the room screen, you just see the purpose of the room, on containment screen, list of aliens and size they need to live. but no information on how close to the limit you are.

  6. IF (!) there is no mechanic to make already vivisected aliens useful I think they should be harvested for mutagen in an automated way (to save a space for new species)

  7. sometimes Chiron is ‘indestructible’ after he decided to leave the fight. you can shot him, poke with neurazer, all you get is 0 DMG. I think there should be some kind of animation or status change, so you won’t waste your AP,WP and ammo

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  1. New Jericho mission when you have to evacuate a scientist. if you decide to evacuate the civilian and THEN kill all enemies it ends a mission as a fail.
  1. capturing siren doesn’t complete ‘capture alien with psyhic power’

bug #1 also confirmed for Thunderbird. Looks like you can pickup, scan, etc ONLY with Manticore

BTW @gamingmechanoid , @UnstableVoltage I cant submit a bug report :confused:

Passed it onto the programmers to take a look at it.

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  1. If you select your soldier and want to check mutation for him, his armour will be replaced by default berserker set. the old armour is GONE the second you enter the screen. (yes, I replicated that by loosing two high end set of synedrion armour, and now I can’t reload back because the ‘empty globe’ save error )
  1. there is no confirmation box before the restart, while you have one before load. And yeah…‘restart’ is just next to ‘save’ button’\
  1. after Gene Mutation Technology 3, both research and manufacture queues are locked.
    I can’t start nor continue old project. I can add it to the list, but time pass and reseach/manufacture clock is not moving at all.

OK. it’s not a fixed project related. I load an earlier saved, stop mutation and chose a different project. same effect.
date: 30.05.2047
I am still unable to load my save via F12

  1. Selecting ‘wrong’ answer on diplomacy mission results with empty sceen with notclickable ‘OK’ button. You have to restart the app or load game from console

get Disciples of anu to 75%, you will get the mission to erradicate Synedrion base. you have to answers:

  • we will do it
  • it’s barbaric, we refuse.

if you select option, you will get the error

  1. Second application of fire from Dante FT, doesn’t update fire damage. In the first round I had 6DMG from Fire and 50 bleeding. now I used Dante for the second time. and I got 4 from fire and 70 bleeding.

1st round:

second application:

  1. game stops if you find “hidden quest”. none of answers is selectable
  1. game goes into loop in New Jericho ‘The Fortress’ mission.
    when Pandorans have their turn game went into wait or loop state. New Jericho turn ends, Pandoras start to move and fire… then nothing happen.
    Game is responding in a matter of launching console and typing ‘info’ so I see that it’s not a complete freeze. but my turn never happen. tried already three times, always with the same outcome. without a cheat or loading autosave, you can’t complete the mission

src: Boom blast in BB5 by @rynait

BoomBlast indeed increases the range, but you cant find the trajectory of fire.
before BB:

after BB: