Newly Built Tiamat Won't Move

So I spent like 30 in game days researching the upgrade for and making this thing and now it’s just a fancy decoration that hovers over one of my bases, taking up it’s only aircraft slot.

Am I missing something here? Do I have to give it commands a different way to the other aircraft? What’s with that message about only being able to command one aircraft at once? I tried putting my Manticore at a base but I still couldn’t move the Tiamat.

Correction: I was being sarcastic but it turns out you actually do give it commands differently. Instead of clicking on a place to open the menu and then select ‘move’, you just right click and that works. However, I still can’t open the menu which means I can’t actually use my glorified balloon to investigate undiscovered nodes.

Oh, is this by design? This was my entire complaint really. What’s the point in having a ship if you can’t do anything with it?

there is some bug that prevents other types of aircrafts from functioning like Manticore. You can only go to defence missions and attack alien bases