Can you scrap aircrafts?

Stole that sloooooow Anu-airship and now want to build one from New Yericho, but havent any slots left =/

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How many soldier does Anu and the NJ take. Synedrion takes 5.

anu can take 8 creaw and travel really far ( 4000 km) BUT is extremly slow, about 2 time slower than the standard phoenix pod.

jericho is 5 if i’m not mistaking but travel faster note sure about this one, they don’t like me much ;’)

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you can locate a new phenix base (look the upperleft corner of the screen in the world map ) it’s approximative location is on the quests ^^ just have to go to the area, scan, explore, and tadam, new base with a 2 slot aircraft hangar :stuck_out_tongue:

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NJ takes 7 and its also slower then the PP that takes 6,

So Syrendion 5 soldiers and maybe the fastest,
P.Point takes 6 fast.
NJ takes 7 but slower then PP, but maybe better range.
Anu takes 8, but slowest but best range.

Makes sence.