Increasing the personnel load on the Manticore

Is there a different type of air support vehicle that provide more space for soldiers? The Manticore can only carry 6 pax and no room for the vehicle. So if you take the vehicle, then you are down to 3x pax.

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Something I must try is to take 2 manticores to one location and see if I can land 12 soldiers.

every faction has an aircraft.
the more people it carries the slower.
To carry 8 you either steal or get the technology from ANU.
Anu carries 8 people, but has a speed of 250.

Synedrion is the fastest at 500 or 750, but only carries 5 people.

anu 8, 250?
new haven 7, 360?
pp 6, 500?
synedrion 5, 750?

You can’t, tried it, most I can deploy is 8 troops, or 1 vehicle and 5 troops. I think it is an arbitrary game balancing choice which personally I disagree with. As a tactical choice why can’t I take 2 vehicles with 6 troops?