Can't download backer build

I have received the email with a download link, but when I click “Download the game” in the email and then “Windows” on the page that opens in the browser it redirects me to an XML stating “Access denied” :frowning:

Do keep attempting to download. We have had reports of this, but users seem to have been able to download after multiple attempts. Please also check to see if you have been sent multiple emails. There have been a small number of cases where people have been sent 2 emails - the link in one email working and the second giving the error you describe.

It seems like I had to turn off my VPN to be able to download the game for some reason.

Can’t download it to. always getting me an error. “An error occurred while processing your request.”

Hi. It may be because the servers are currently very loaded with a large number of people attempting to download. We have had similar reports from other people - but they have been eventually able to download. If you are still having issues, please email Xsolla at

Okay I just try it a bit more and then I contact you per mail.

Now it worked.:grin:

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Hi bought the pre sale for phoenix point but got a link to chaos reborn !!! could you work on it plz

@distrophia When did you pre-order? And do you mean that you got a Steam key for Chaos Reborn? Until a few days ago, all pre-orders got a free copy of Chaos Reborn. We haven’t sent out Steam keys for Phoenix Point yet.

Access to the Backer Build depends on the level of your pre-order. The Luxury Digital Edition and above has access. The emails are currently going out.

I managed to get to download with retries,
However I can’t see the Linux download link, where is it ?

Powerbeared with Linux kernel 4.4.0-121-generic

@afritz We’re currently having some technical issues with the Mac and Linux builds and are working around the clock to have them resolved. We will upload them as soon as possible. We’re sorry for the short delay.

ok then forget my mail then, i pre ordered a while for the basic order and no mention of chaos reborn so i misunderstood, thanks for the info

Is there a limit to how many downloads you can try with the link? For example: if I were to download on my work and home computer?

Since this download link is, well, linked to your account, there should be no limits, no, but that’s my personal opinion and not official, I am neither employed by XSolla nor Snapshot.

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There is no limit to the number of downloads. However, your links are unique and are monitored by Xsolla. If they detect that a download link is being shared, it will get deactivated.


Any news on the Mac OS and Linux builds? The 24 hour clock was torture but not knowing the timelines for Mac OS and Linux builds is even worse.

@Bakdal We’re hoping to have them live within the next day or two. We’re just testing.

So still testing?

Will we get new dl links in an email when the Mac/linux builds are ready or do we just continue to use the email we got for the windows build?

We’re currently working on v1.1 build which will include bug fixes and quality of life improvements. We very much hope to have that ready by the end of this week (though this is not yet confirmed).

We will most likely be sending out new links to the new build.

And you’re also implying that this build will be stable enough on Mac and Linux as well? :slight_smile: