Switching to the next character when TUs are low

I’ve hit a number of circumstances where I’ve been using dash and had control automatically switch to the next character because there are no more TU’s. But I want to do another dash, and, stupidly, because the characters are close together and I’m not paying enough attention, I don’t notice the switch and dash the wrong character. Oh the shame…

Personally, I’d prefer to have TAB all the time anyway, I find the auto hopping around breaks my concentration. Perhaps a gameplay option?



I keep losing who I’m controlling also.

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Had this happen once or twice and thought it was just me.

If it is happening more to others add my +1

Could be an option. Because some would argue that game is wasting their time and don’t switch to next character. :wink:

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Defenitely sounds like something that should be toggable in options.

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This happens a lot to me as well, and I end up wasting my dash on a man I did not intend to move! I agree with having to TAB all the time, I don’t think anyone will complain if it does not do it automatically for them as I usually do not use the order it does anyway so that is actually adding a lot of extra clicks and is in fact slower! I prefer to see who is closest to the aliens and work that way, sometimes I can end the battle much faster when I choose the order myself, so TAB please…

It switches automatically in FiraXCOM and nobody complains. That’s because they don’t have abilities that cost 0AP.
Just trolling :wink: