3 simple quality of life things

  1. Setting toggle to stop Auto switch of units when hitting 0AP or after overwatch.
    Often the next unit i want to activate is very close to a unit i have just moved, but i get auto switched over the other side of the map again… and again…
  2. Stop randomizing order of units for every damn mission, be nice to be able to organize order of units, even on the fly.
  3. Setting to stop auto move of vehicles within geoscape wtih right click (2nd click to verify or just start clock on geoscape (no brainer))

All my other minor gripes seem to have been addressed by the wonderful mod mages <3 thankyou modders

ps. i do love this game, thanks devs


My personal QoL change that I’ve been asking for since 2020 is to make firing with Quick Aim take just one mouseclick. I don’t know how long I’ve spent going click-click-click and watching that stupid flourish animation.