Development updates on YouTube

First one:

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Cool customization is cool :+1:

I like that new UI detailing each body part.

Also actual update:

No big revelations, but it does looks slicker. Liking the UI upgrades.

EDIT. What’s your hot take on the mission intro? I am not sure how I feel about it. I certainly don’t mind it is there, but it reinforces my growing worry of PP tapping into FiraXCOM more then I would like. The original pitch was to offer depth, over FIraxis spectacle, and yet I am still to see this depth. Not that people who work on the ship’s landing cutscene can improve diplomacy and strategic layer interactions. :persevere: [sigh… happy thoughts]


After re-watching, it’s true that this video doesn’t show a lot of new stuff. Take away the customization screen and it’s basically what we have already seen.

If it were to me, I would just remove it. Doesn’t add anything, it’s unnecessary, and it gives me this strange vibe. OK, maybe I’m overthinking things, but a cool shiny flying ship doesn’t exactly screams “post-apocalyptic world”, which where PP is supposed to take place. I still kind of miss the initial trailer for the game, that all Mad Max setting. But we do get to choose from several cool shiny armours and weapons, so, you know, probably just overthinking.

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The changes looks good! :+1:

I like overwatch visual area. Graphics reminds me Divinity Original Sin game )

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Someone requested such change. I was opposing it as too complex. Fortunately it wasn’t. :slight_smile: Interesting if it is dynamic - does the highlighted area change after setting it and then destroying terrain with next soldier?

does the highlighted area change after setting it and then destroying terrain with next soldier?

I hope so.

I am happy to see more frequent updates :slight_smile: There’s indeed no big changes or improvements in latest videos but I love what I see:

  1. Overwatch cone looks so amazing that I wish soldiers are using flashlights in night/lair missions with same effect (but more limited range and degree, obviously). I guess it wouldn’t be difficult to implement: just replace red light of overwatch cone with white limited light of flashlights! Plus, make visibility of our soldiers fully dependent on flashlights (later in game there could be more powerful gadgets to improve visibility).
  2. New UI detailing specific body parts looks amazing, too. Looks better and clearer. Thanks for that!
  3. Customisation options - it’s always great to see them :slight_smile:
  4. Soldier barks - now sound professional and it’s a real pleasure to listen to them. I don’t mind to hear some F*** in hot situations, too. Please add it: it’s a tough world and people fighting with such enemies should definitely curse a lot. For those who wouldn’t like it would be nice to include some filter in game options.

I know I’m reapeating myself but still worry of lack of proper fog of war. I still hope devs surprise us a lot and include some tense missions with a lot of dense fog at least in some missions - in latter game maybe (because of spreading of red mist across the globe).
And this time there’s definitely no sound markers visible which is relieving but it’s difficult to say they’re finally gone or enemies just don’t disappear from the sight of soldiers?

One more thing: skills. It looks like nothing has changed here. Maybe some tweaks were applied here and there but we haven’t seen them yet. Is dash so powerful as it was in BB5? I guess we have to wait for the next development video :slight_smile:

Anyway it’s good to see more frequent updates and knowing you guys working really hard and reading our posts. I can’t wait for December!


It does seem like no brainer-mechanic, but not within current system. As soldiers have 360 vision at all times, adding directional lighting doesn’t really makes sense. It would in UFO system where we define direction in which soldiers are facing.

It would be nice to something more done with night missions other then smaller vision range. Old-timey flares would be fine, but with newer engine there is so much one could do, in both PP equipment and alien behaviour and night adaptibility.

One month before release for this kind of minor update while the strategic part of the game is still bare? I hope it’s not the case for the final product because meanwhile this game seems more and more of a replay of UFO: Aftermath where expectations weren’t met.

You don’t want to have your game reviewed as “point and click adventure (no strategy) with tactical battles that has less than 50% of the content of other games in the genre”…

Exactly. But what makes devs unable/unwilling to have directional vision? Would it have negative impact on other tactical mechanics or gameplay elements? I think not. I’m just kind of disappointed right now as you reminded me of lack of that feature…Damn…

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You don’t know it, video shows just a tutorial…But I understand your worries, I think many of us have similar feelings. We just have to be patient and wait a bit more.

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Well, using limited directional vision, is simply something they are not interested in exploring. When it comes to vision they seem to be happy with streamlined XCOM approach, and even go further, as so far vision range seemed to be extremely generous.

For the record, I am not fan of the UFOs use of Action points to look around - it was one of the main reasons why AP system in UFO was so tedious - you had to account for turning around, whenever entering a new room, or planning a shot. Not being about to take a shot, because you didn’t account for all changes in direction, was one of the biggest offenders in the game. And if you don’t charge AP for looking around, then limited vision cone is essencially excercise in tedium, and can be automated all together (therefore 360 vision).

There must be a way to preserve tactical depth of limited vision cone (planning organised breach with multiple soldiers to effectively secure a room) but I can’t think of it. Maybe gameplay depth should be created via other means.

The only games which really implimented it well were real time: Frozen Synapse, Door Kickers. On the paper it is the same principle but uses time, instead of abstract action points, but in practice it simply works better.

As far as implimentation into PP - it would be substancial. Not only, ideally, new animations would need to be added to reflect direction characters are facing, but also AP system would need to be revamped to account for changing direction characters are looking at. In short, it would be entire new system. How aiming would work? Would free aiming consume AP as you look around?

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One thing comes to my mind, which wouldn’t need rebuilding the entire system: the option of rotating soldier after every move (for free or at the minimal cost of AP). And would rotating for free be worthy of implementig at all? I would say yes to that, because player could change soldier’s position only once a turn and after that couldn’t move anymore in that turn. Even when game hasn’t got omni-directional facing/positioning implemented, the 4-way facing still could be possible to include, as animations are already there.
Important is what you’ve mentioned above about highs and lows of that system, so rotating should be less tedious/punishable than in X-com, while keeping that wonderful element of insecurity and making missions more tactical. I know reducing vision to 90 degrees wouldn’t be possible because of 4-way facing instead of 8-way, but even 180 degrees would be better than full circle…
I don’t like how devs try to bring some of X-com old experience while neglecting most of its core elements, giving us deeper strategy but streamlining other things at the same time. Firaxis XCom is certainly a good, important and inspiring title, but I can’t help of thinking that devs are trying to copy too much of it. Because of that PP could end as a game without its own identity, and that’s not a joyful thought.

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Guys, if it would be that easy to develop such system, don’t you think that someone has done it before or even they considered it for PP? (in 3D not 2D!)

You want it realistic, but where to begin and end? Typical field of view is near 180° and 60-70° vertical. A typical helmet will reduce your field of view and what about high buildings? Do you have to look up?

Don’t get me wrong, that sounds really cool, but I think that developers just think it is not woth to spend so much time to implement such system. Is the Unreal Engine still capable to do such or would you have to change/improve it? I don’t think a small team like SG can do massive improvements to a 3D engine, regardless which it is.


Having to look up or down or considering such a things like helmet limitations, I didn’t mean anything like that at all, as I’m not a fan of THAT much realism in games, too. What I’ve meant is more tactical approach to the missions to make them more of a “hide and seek” experience and therefore more fun. It really doesn’t seem so difficult to implement: other TBS games from decades ago used it efficiently, so I’m not sure what big improvements of 3D engine you’re talking about. The thing is we were talking about limited cone vision from around BB1. It could only help the game with a horror vibe and more X-comy feeling. So limited vision is not only more “realistic” but also helps with setting the right mood.


Just as a clarification: PP doesn’t use XCOMs Unreal Engine. It’s built using Unity.

Ahh, yep sry, something with U… :smiley:

I like what I see! I personally really liked that video of the ship flying in, to me it’s just a bit more of that “we’re going in!” type of angle.

Also enjoyed the new borders, that is a big improvement over BB5. Not sure if I am seeing things, but was the overall camera a bit smoother? I found it running very smoothly and the Overwatch wide vs. narrow cone looks fantastic.

Also, regarding the voices, do you have anyone that can sound like Sigourney Weaver? I think a voice like that, is PERFECT for some of the soldiers, maybe it’s own own nostalgia for the ALIENS movies. :smiley: … same goes for when they panic, I would LOVE a Bill Paxton like “It’s GAME OVER MAN!” :laughing: - I recall hearing that at the end of a Test Drive video game (by Accolade - yes - dating myself here) and it was hilarious to see a tribute.

Speaking of voices, one of the soldiers sounded SO much like Arnold, I thought that was awesome too.

Keep going with these videos and I think it’s key that you are trying to keep building in the fun - keep up the good work!

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