Hotfix 1.0.54748 - December 18, 2019

Hi all,

We just deployed a small hotfix that addresses a single issue:


  • Fixed a bug causing the game to hang if you disable a Mindfragger’s head with overwatch

The hotfix should be deployed as you read this.


Any word one the weird AP deductions where you don’t get a full 4 APs when mixing move and shoot?

Moving uses a portion of your APs

That is the strange question as both moving and shooting uses AP. :slightly_smiling_face: So there is nothing weird about that.

I think he meant a bug where you would move for 1 AP, shoot for 2AP and then want to do a pistol shot for 1 AP but the game says that there is not enough AP left.
It happened to me twice that I thought I had 1AP left but I could not get a pistol shot done.

I thought that I might be mistaken and have forgotten something, but the way he put it made me think that maybe there is such a bug that was reported.

Otherwise, it is clear that the question doesn’t make sense.


Something similar happened to me, but only when I have not a full action point, like move with 1 full action point, then move half action point.

That moment you have 2,5 action points left, so I shoot, but the 0,5 actions points that i should have disappear.

That happened to me some times during my campaign.

@pantolomin is correct. Move 1 AP, shoot for 2AP, you should have 1AP left. Often you don’t. Frustrating when every AP counts in a battle. You have to start thinking about moving less than a full AP to get the last full AP.

Also, watch your AP when you get stopped by enemy sightings. You gradually loose movement range. (Not related to the move/ shoot problem.)


Little worried. before this hot fix, game was running great. The moment the patch went up, the old crash on targeting bug started again… hope it is just a coincidence…

There’s some other bug I’ve ran into as well, yesterday before this patch. I don’t know if this patch has corrected it but I’ll write it regardless.
The enemy turn was endless, even after they had all spent their actions so the game was stuck for a good 5-7 minutes on Pandoran Activity and nothing happened.

Also I ran into some other one after killing a Scylla up close with my heavy, where its seems the alien made the terrain un-walkable, with my character below it. I could attack and use willpower abilities but couldn’t move.

I’m just mentioning them since I don’t know if you guys are aware of them. Anyways, such issues are kind of expected. Thank you for the corrections and keep it up!


Yeah they become trapped under the dead body, you have to destroy the body part pinning the unit. Hope that helps

If it’s the case, it is probably a rounding problem with “float/double” data type.
They compare “remainigAP >= 0” instead of doing “remainingAP > -1e-9”. Something like that.
Doing comparisons this way may solve lots of little problems that are sometimes very hard to reproduce.

So also: “remainingAP > 2 - 1e-9” to check if enough to fire AR, …

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@UnstableVoltage: sorry to put you in this message, I know going through all the messages is certainly taking lots of time, but in the message above I wrote about what could be the problem with some odd behaviors, and I didn’t want it to go unnoticed. Sorry again.

To summarise, it is possible that the code uses “doubles” and does simple comparisons between them without specifying a “delta”.

For instance, when you do 5-3 with doubles, the result could be 1.99999996 instead of 2.


I play around with programming and I’ve seen this before. Definitely worth a look. Its something most folks would overlook.

I have seen this movement bug a lot on base defense missions, where one operative sits in the right corner right in front of the pandorian spawn point. If he starts to move, he sees new enemies and triggers the stop move command but then he has already lost 1 partial of 1 AP, which seems to be calculated before hand?.. but ovisouly he never reached the new tile. At that position depending on spawn, this can happen 3 to 4 times… but the bug only appears on the first move attempt.

Anyone noticed the difference in the AI since the last two patches? They now leave the battlefield and they are also much better tactically. They now pick to OW regularly and move to protect themselves.
Before they would just run at your guns.

I agree. I had a similar problem as well. After some shooting/moving I didn’t have 1AP left for pistol shot, even if I should have it available.
Also, as same as was already mentioned in this discussion, I observed following behavior. When my soldier stops in the middle of his move because he spotted a new enemy, he couldn’t then move the same range. I think he could move one tile less.

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I’ve had that one happen a lot!

I’m glad I’m not going crazy then, as I could have sworn I’ve seen them play generally better after the update!

No doubt about it they are evil now. You really need to use solid tactics. It was walk over early on before the patch. Now from the get-go you have to be carful. Really good AI.