Year one edition all DLC no Digital Extras?

I have Phoenix Point Year One edition, plus all it’s DLC bought through Epic. I have started to get into it following the year one edition and the following updates and I’ve finally captured my first Pandoran and I’m going to soon (finally I think) finish my first playthrough.

Why then do I not have the digital content? Lore book etc? Afforded to all year one owners?

Would be nice to have the additional content as probably as you know when people like a game they like to have all they can possibly have of it?


Happy Easter

@Valygar Can you help? It seems to be the same thing you resolved in a post a couple of posts below mine?


In the Epic launcher/library how many add-ons show for PP? Check for a folder “PhoenixPointContent” where your Epic games are stored.

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Hey, thanks for the response. In the phoenixpointcontent folder it says LOTA and Blood and titanium although the living weapons pack is present too just not in the aforementioned folder. There is nothing in the C drive Epic/phoenix folder.

It does offer to sell me all DLC and the digital extras for 12€ for my “base edition” even though I already have them (except the digital extras).

Not quite sure what is going on.

Happy Easter. Appreciate the help.

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Digital extras sent to the email you are registered with on this forum.


Thank you very much for your email and help. Most appreciated, looking forward to Festering Skies whenever its ready, and I hope you and your family had a good Easter.