Epic Games STore Digital Content and goodies disappeared with Season Pass purchased

I contacted Epic Games Store support about this, but they told me to contact the developers. So here I am.

This is about additional content like digital goodies, which have disappeared seemingly on Epic Games Store after the new Year One Edition came out, with no way to get them back without purchasing the Year One Edition. There are no other purchase options for me than an upgrade to Year One Edition.

I purchased the game Phoenix Point pre-purchase version months ago, with the Season pass separately from the base game, with all the DLCs and the digital goodies like the Soundtrack. THese goodies used to be in my EGS library under a separate entry ‘Phoenix Point content’, which I had installed and copied the soundtrack to my drive before.

However now that the new ‘Year One Edition’ has been released, the content has been removed from my library, and in the store page my only option is to pay more to upgrade to it to get the digital goodies and some content.

Anyway you could check whether the existing owners still have some way to access it, without buying it again? Also, are my purchased 5 dlcs safe from this, as the library entry for my game says Year One Edition, which only includes the first 2 dlcs?

Thanks for your help, sorry for the long post :slight_smile:

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About the DLCs: We just simplified our EGS shop offer so currently, you can buy only Year One Edition. If you had a season pass you still have it but the non-released DLCs are not listed on the shop for now but once they are released you will have them.

About the digital extras: Did the Phoenix Point content really disappeared from EGS library? What exactly are you looking for?

EDIT: Just sent you everything via email

Wow Thank You Valygar!

I got the goodies :slight_smile:

About your question - the digital extras and goodies were previously installed in Epic Games Store through a separate ‘game’ entry in the Library. So Phoenix Point was separate (the game) from the digital goodies. It was called ‘Phoenix Point content’. THat’s how I got the soundtrack for instance way back when. Now that entry is gone, so I had no way of getting the goodies. My recently installed and verified game installation didn’t show them anywhere in my files. And I can’t even purchase anything anymore on Epic Games Store, there are no options to even upgrade now to Year One Edition, I just noticed. This is ok for the DLC, as I can see all 5 in the ‘Manage Add-ons’ section, and the 2 first ones are installed.

Well, I’m happy now.

I do however hope you can look into it in the Epic Games store instead of having to manually email people the goodies who are in the same boat as me haha. But that might not be that many people, if this is limited to Epic Phoenix Point prepurchase + Season pass owners (non-Deluxe owners), so might not be an issue.

Thanks again


Hi Valygar,

I have the exact same problem as rojimbo. Would it be possible to send me the digital artbook via e mail since I cannot access it anymore? I purchased PP pre Epic store. Thank you! reginald allouchery

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You really don’t have “Phoenix Point Content” entry in EGS? I still have it and I can install it at any moment.

Sent to the email that you used for registration on this forum.

I wonder if this is a good thread to post my issue? If not, feel free to remove it.

As of the most recent patch, I’ve found that if I try to load my Phoenix Point save games after launching from the client, it claims that I need the Living Weapons DLC, and do I want to go to the store and buy it? This then takes me to the Year One edition.

Fortunately, if I launch it from a shortcut, and not via the EGS client, it runs fine (bar a black screen when it’s meant to display something that it used to before the game and before a mission - although I can ESC past that.)

My purchase was activated via a code redemption: 12/10/2019 {key here} Phoenix Point Pre-Purchase.

I’ll be honest. I don’t have a clue what’s what with regards to Phoenix Point right now. I don’t know if I was meant to have Living Weapons or not. I don’t know if I’m meant to now or not. I have the OST, so that’s good.

I tend to avoid games with multiple editions as they’re confusing. I got this one as I’ve been a fan of Julian’s games for about 40 years now. I’d appreciate some clarity into what’s going on, and what can be done about it.


I think that when I initially received it, I moved it somewhere on my computer and now I can’t locate it anymore. I was just wondering if there was anyw ay to get another copy of the artbook. There is no ‘Phoenix Point Content’ tab on the EGS. Just the tab for the game and DLC. Cheers!

sent to your email

Thank you Valygar, got the artbook! The world building you guys did for PP is fantastic. Love the art.

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