Issue on the buy screen

I attempted to buy the game 3+ times. Twice with GPay and received payment processing error. Then attempted with my card. Again I receive two errors saying there was an issue processing the payment. I did send an email requesting help, but no reply yet.

Lo and behold, the next day I find 2 charges on my card. Needless to say, I put a stop on one of the payments. But, to top it off, I have not receive an email with download instructions and a game key.

Any help would be appreciated, otherwise, I will need to have the other funds returned to me.


Usually when this happens it’s because they transactions haven’t finished processing for some reason (usually a random fraud check or similar). Although the funds get earmarked, they either never leave the account or get returned very shortly after. Our store and all payments are handled by our e-commerce partner, Xsolla. You can contact them via and they can help with the payment issues and any confirmation emails.

Thanks for the reply.

I never received a reply back from xsolla, but I found out today, they returned my other payment. So, I attempted to buy the game today and everything worked this time.

Looking forward to the game.