Problems with Xsolla payment (RESOLVED)

I’ve been super excited for this game for months, finally found out I could buy an early access copy. I was super excited but the Xsolla payment service is really annoying and has rejected by payment probably 10 times by now. However I’ve still been charged three times for the game… I haven’t gotten any kind of email, just pending transactions for $50. I’ve had to “Verify” my card through Xsolla (which I did) but it still said payment could not be processed. (even though I’ve been charged 3 flipping times). I think your game looks awesome but I can’t even get to the point where I’m able to play it - please help!

EDIT: Nevermind, the kind people in the discord helped me figure out who to talk to, it’s been resolved.

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Same problem. Payment hangs. Xsolla received my money, but no email to me sent.

Your order on Xsolla’s system is showing as refunded. Assuming you didn’t manually ask for a refund, this implies a problem with the order or the payment. Funds may be showing as allocated, but won’t have reached Xsolla and will appear back in your account shortly.

For further assistance with payment, please contact Xsolla directly via

Contacted xsolla support, my money reached them, and is not returning to my wallet.
For some reason they could not pay for my order(technical issues), asked to wait a while.
Of course, I still have a lot of time half-year before the game releazed, but I’m worried