Purchase Error - Still took my money

I recently purchased the $80 tier of the game through the Gamestop giftcard method. I followed the instructions and took the barcode to the retailer, where the cashier seemed to be completely confused. I explained what I was trying to do to him and he seemed to understand and the transaction soon was complete…Partially. When I made it back home, I realized that only the payment for the base price was paid for, and not the tax. Frustrating, but whatever. I decided to pay off the rest with my Paypal, using my existing credit to pay for the game itself, but was only met with a message stating there was an error in the transaction and it couldn’t be complete…But on my Paypal it shows that it still took my money, and It also used my credit I had added from the giftcard…How exactly do I go about fixing this? Xsolla continues to be a very irritating and very convoluted system to use…So far I’ve been scammed out of nearly 85 USD and I haven’t gotten anything.

Firstly, you should rethink the use of the word “scam”. Errors happen sometimes, but calling something a scam when an error occurs isn’t the best way to get customer support to help you out.

The best thing to do is contact Xsolla directly and explain the situation. You can email them via support@xsolla.com or contact them via https://help.xsolla.com

Well I’ve already done that when I made the thread. They replied to me a few hours ago…Well, actually, they didn’t reply, they just emailed me a receipt showing that the transaction was complete, though I haven’t been emailed anything about it since. What am I looking for exactly, and how long do I have to wait? I just want to make sure everything is good now and working as they should.

It looks like there’s a few issues with our new store page layout which they’re currently working on. Please send me an email to contact@snapshotgames.com including your Xsolla Transaction ID and I will get them to look into it.