WORMS getting stuck in objects

I know this has sort of been covered but there is a new location of “sticklyness” for the worms! One landed INSIDE the air-conditioner on the third floor of the Synedrion map and the game would not end… I had to blow that part of the roof away to get it out and then it attacked me and the game ended, there needs to be some code added to the worms so they don’t get clipped into anything, sometimes the game will not end and you can not find the dam things? Anyway, just saying, don’t happen much but it will when you least need it to…:slight_smile:

I can confirm that, happened to me, exact thing with air conditioner

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I have had this same problem for so long now I think its by design. its annoying finding them then destroying the object. I think putting a life time on the worms say 2 turns after been fired they explode would help it would be quicker than running all over the map to find them


+1 good idea

I get them now and again :laughing:

I would set it to 10 turns. But yes they could vanish after some time.

10 turns? Even if they are embedded in a solid objet they should (and do) explode if they sense a nearby unit.

10 TURNS !!! lol most missions are over in 5 or less. the idea is to stop wasting time finding stuck worms.

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then change combats to last more :wink:

The whole point is that worms shouldn’t get stuck inside of solid objects, not an excuse to make missions last 10 turns because one wants them to last more than 5 turns.

It is about worms, but those un-stuck need to have time to attack. Not just 2 turns where they can move 12 tiles in total. Why come with such ridiculous value as 2 turns?

That is a bit much! Not many issions go that long… And if you have finished in a few rounds you have to sit there and keep hitting end turn over and over till it ends, no thanks! Maybe their could be a setting related to difficulty? But I think if the worm is going to get you at all 2 turns is well enough for that.

I don’t think so! WHY… Again it is one of those things related to how the individual plays, it is very easy to extend the mission if you so choose but I like to get them ASAP and move onto new things in the globe, I am not getting any younger…:slight_smile: It is like when you get ambushed and clear the map then you need to keep hitting END TURN to find out were your exit is then it takes another 2 or three turns to get out… again wasting time… It should end automatically if the map is truly over otherwise the rest is just repetitive clicking. Fair enough if the program is going to send in more to block your exit but if it has reached its limit just end it… Like the worms, if there is no more “real” enemies on the map have them explode and then you know the mission is done… that would work! So when the worms are all there is left self destruct…

So basically in two turns they can get right across most maps which is more then enough time to catch you. But if it worries you so much then 3 would be more then enough to do the job if it is going to do it. But most of the time one of the three will just find a spot and hide leaving a game of annoying hide and seek!

Yep, that’s true. I like the idea that they die off eventually, but how many turns…

2 is too little, but 10 is too much. Off the top of my head, I would say 4-5.

They move 6 tiles a turn, most maps are >45 tiles. A soldier can easily go over 50 tiles per turn, without even trying too hard. It’s Flash vs a snail kind of deal.

That is why I suggest 10 turns - to let them cross whole map if there will be a need. I know it sound quite long, but lets not nerf stupid worms. :slight_smile: They already have hard time doing anything.

And if pressing “End Turn” or Backspace like 3 to 7 times is hard for you then I don’t know what to say. To be true you already waste time playing game instead of doing anything useful for mankind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to make it clear. First of all worms should not land in places where they are not suppose to - just teleport them to spot nearby or just kill them instantly if they will do. But if players want to introduce some lifespan counters then lets not make whole enemy irrelevant with such mechanic.

If you have one soldier with Mind Crush skill, then it’s not a problem anymore :wink:

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I see 3 easy ways to fix this problem…

1: A turn life span for worms after been fired.
2: Treat them the same as turrets even if still active game ends when objective is done.
3: They die when the launching Chiron dies.

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I really like this one! As they are psychically connected it makes sense! The other points are great to! That would sole the issue!