Worm stuck in wall

The big crab dude that launches worms launched one into the thick wall of a large building were it was stuck and couldn’t be killed.

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After starting the map again a worm got stuck in a cardboard box. So the worms get stuck in the props. I don’t know if this is intended or not.

A big problem when they stop you finishing the mission. Some fixing needed here.


I feel like a beta tester. :frowning: please fix it.

Still is happening. They end up inside building walls, boxes, trees that can’t be destroyed. Even sometimes they shoot them outside the map area but still show up and you are unable to to do anything to them , which also causes AI turn freezing because the worms are glitched out.

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try a grenade or otherwise destroy the wall, it works. Tho if a bug gets status “cannot move” after launch they should probably be auto died.

Nade or shooting not working for me. :frowning:

Ok then, move one of your soldiers as close as physically possible to the worm, or even on top of it.

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Lets hope this is addressed in the next patch. It’s a bug that needs dealing with. As it stands it’s a half-done feature that they need to complete.

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This is the 4th time this happens to me and i have to restart from an old save game. Sometimes it helps to trigger the worm when standing close to them but not always, then your done!! And it sucks. A lot of hours is wasted on this bug.

If it stucks in a wall you can destroy this wall and worm will be free.
The problem is when worm gets into car or other indestructible objects. Then it’s a mission-breaking bug.

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No it won´t worked for me. :frowning: I sorounded the wall with all Soldiers. Also not worked.

Mission failed…

There are walls that can’t be destroyed :slightly_frowning_face:

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At this point I’d enable the console and type in win to autowin that round.

okay how can i open it?

you should already know that you can get the nexus mod loader for this game and use the console mod if you wish. There is also some registry edits or something but I never bothered with that since I use mods anyway (game needs saving via mods, so many issues).

Always bring grenades just for such an occasion.