Worms keep getting caught in destructable geometry

I am really starting to lose my mind over how many times mortar worms get caught in destructible geometry. It happens about 10% of the time when a Chiron is in a match. And every time, I get stuck working my way around the map, after all other enemies are killed, try to figure out where the worm is hiding. I’ve had to abandon about 3 missions because I could not complete it, having run out of ammunition, and no enemy could be found, even though I had effectively won the battle. I am forced to abort. It is killing my playthrough as I keep getting forced to fail critical missions over this.

You should really at lest have a backup that says, “this enemy seems to be stuck because our AI hasn’t moved it in a few turns, so let’s auto destroy it to prevent an unfair loss”. Or something like that…

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Caution of side effects, worms can be paralyzed to unlock a research. The other side effect is you stop be able exploit worms stuck to explore fully a map and ensure pick everything.

A reasonable fix is a wom not paralyzed and not moving commit suicide. Then worm stuck becomes a cool feature so the players can have a small RNG luck and some less worms.