With latest update many of my save games are now gone!


With the big bugpatch coming a few days ago I could no longer load any save games at all (with a few exceptions of some of the older saves). Now instead with the hotfix come in today I can load all save games but the worst problem now is that all my saves for the last 3 weeks of gameplay has dissapeared completely.

I am getting very frustrated by this, I keep getting stuck and unable to play due to these issues.

Any tips on where my save games has gone or how to get them back?

I have had a look in the folder here:
C:\Users%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\EGS\2d9bdade7a3d446dacb3b0173441054c

In this folder it looks to me like all the save games are there, but certainly a lot of those are not listed when I am in the game.


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Hey there,

i have the same Issue still i Updatet with the Hotfix last Night.

I can find all my Saves at C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Packages\SnapshotGames.PhoenixPoint_xxvrk32m0sthm\LocalState\WSA\2535455528873879

But i See Only my Auto Save in the Loading Screen. When i Continue the last Game i drop to my last Savepoint. But pls fix it asap, thx.


Same issue here, using the gamepass version

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Having the exact same issue. Gamepass version.

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Same here. MS Xbox Gamepass version. All saves are in the LocalData folder but I can only load the autosave. When I create new saves, I cannot load them, but they do appear in the LocalData folder. And I had thought it was the Pandorans who didn’t want me to save the word… :laughing:

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I have also same issue, only autosaves show up. Windows 10 store version. 1.0.56083.0

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lo mismo me paso a mi es frustante , lograste solucionarlo amigo?

compre y descargue el juego phoenix point desde Microsoft store y el juego andaba bien después de la actualización del 4 de marzo y la aplicación del dlc que también compre ,phoenix point borra mi saves data(solo se muestra el autosave ningún otro save esta disponible ) y no me deja crear nuevos pues se sobreescribe únicamente el autosave ,por ahi lei que es problema de localización de los savedatas por que no los encuentra o algo asi pero aquí viene la siguiente pregunta no se donde se guardan los save data de este juego?hasta ahora la única solución semilogioca que eh encontrado es reinstalar el juego y todo funciona mas o menos bien con normalidad me deja cargar los saves guardar nuevos etc , pero al salir del juego y volver a entrar pasa exactamente lo mismo los saves no están solo el autosave y esto es un fastidio puesto que estar instalando y desinstalando el titulo lo hace injugable

It’s saving the games, but when I go to load, only the autosave is able to be loaded.

This is on the MS Xbox Game Pass version.

Also how do I buy the DLC? Says not available. Tryin to give you guys money and you won’t take it.

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What??? Can anyone confirm? That would be a major bug due to hotfix :frowning:

Yeah, by me the same, i Use the Windows 10 App Store Version,
all Saves to find in the folder

but in the Loading Screen i have only the autosave, but when i continue my last game i stay at the last Savepoint i set manually.

Ok. So it seems like an UI issue. New hotfix is needed


yes the above is exactly what I am seeing. must be a problem with the load save game folder that it’s looking in.

I found the saves in the same folder as the above poster.

I was looking to start over anyway because of the new changes…but I am trying to save new games and I am not able to load them.


Exactly same problem which I’m experiencing. Only autosave shows up in the load screenn and I know that there is loads of saves. I have also tried to start a new game and I can save normally but those saves wont show up at the load screen.

Major bug which should be fixed asap as it effectively brokes the game complely.

Windows 10 store version 1.0.56083.0


game is basically ironman with only your autosave.

i don’t think this is what was intended, but someone should probably get this fixed.

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Im having the same problem with GamePass version
only the most recent save is appearing in load menu (normally the autosave) - when i manually delete the autosave file from the
folder it will show the last save i made (only 1 at a time)

it seems like a UI issue as the save files are in the folder correctly
just no way to load them unless i delete all other files in the directory besides the one i want to load


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This is still a problem … any updates? (XBGL version here as well)

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I have the same problem. I reinstalled the game and it was working fine yesterday night. But then I started the game today and its not working once again. I can see all the saves in my folder, but am unable to load anything other than the autosave.

I am not even able to do that. if i delete the autosave, it still shows up when I try to load, but just says error. Is there any workaround for this issue? I thought the last patch was supposed to fix save game issues?