1.9.1 Polaris patch broke the save game (MS game pass)

Today I installed the new patch 1.9.1 Polaris.

I am playing Pheonix Point on PC with game pass. Have been working fine until today´s patch update.

After the patch went to play (loaded game) and saved the game. When returned to the main menu the save could not be found. Tried again, same thing. So basically can´t save the game and hence can not progress.

It seems that only autosaves or older save games can be found in the save game list.

Investigated further and founded that my
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Packages\SnapshotGames.PhoenixPoint_xxvrk32m0sthm\LocalState\WSA\2535413725114992 foulder is empty (only one file called options.jopt is there).

I also founded that there is similar path in my e drive where the actual game resides.


Same story as the foulder is empty (only one file called options.jopt is there).

I wonder where the actual save games that I can see in the game reside? And it seems that there has been similar issues with older versios (save files lost or cant be accessed).

Thanks for the help.

Update Removed the game and did a clean installation including the new patch. Able to save game now. Started new campaign.