All saved games on Xbox Game Pass for PC are gone

Hi, I am playing the Xbox version of Phoenix point on windows 10. I can’t see any of my saves when I try to load them, and am only able to continue from autosave. When I try saving, it shows the file being created, but I am not able to load it. When I try saving another time, it doesn’t show the previous save, but just the new one I make. I tried reinstalling the game, and it seemed to fix the problem. But then today morning, the problem was back, and its doing the same thing again. I think it was an update that caused it. But I could still see the save files in my UI. Is there any way to save and load from console commands or such? Or is this going to be fixed? Because this makes the game much harder to play.

Hiya, this has been reported a few times now. Is there a sticky post for current known issues / regressions so that the play testers (the public) can quickly see if their issue has been logged and acknowledged?

This issue with saves disappearing on Xbox Game Pass for PC will get fixed in the upcoming patch which will be released today.

About the question of Gestra999: We have a Canny:


Any chance the broken achievements are going to be fixed? Is it on the radar at all?

Everything’s working again! Thank you so much for fixing this! :hugs: