Latest Update and Broken Save Files

The latest update appears to have broken all the saves, it left one autosave that appeared available but that froze during alien move turn. It looks like I have to start a new game, anyone else with this issue?

Patches cannot delete your saves. But you can do it yourself by synchronizing between cloud and local. I would suggest trying both options - cloud saving and local saving if the saves will appear.

If you are using local saving then your saves are here:
C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\Steam[ID]
C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\EGS[ID]\

You can also try searching for the saves on your whole hard drive. All saves end with .zsav so you can search for *.zsav

They don’t come over as deleted. I just get huge red exclamation marks saying they are no longer compatible with the new game version.

Are you using any mods? Do you have the same DLCs enabled?

When were these saves created? It looks like they are pre 1.9 (Year One Edition)

Unfortunately, that update (1.9) invalidated existing saves as we changed the whole save system.

We had two saved game files, one for the Geoscape and one for Tactical missions, which caused some development challenges for the team and with 1.9 Polaris we merged those saved games into one file, effectively invalidating any previous save games.

Ah, the mystery deepens. I have had a load of new saves created when the game updated, all with the same date and time and all down as incompatible. When I scrolled way down the existing ones are there and look ok. Phew, it looks like no restart required after all. I suspect really old saves, which predate 1.9 have been given new dates/times so appeared at the top.


Same issues here.
I’ve already sent a (F10) report with details. Seems the problem is related to Manticore1 being stuck or damaged.
Please repair/fix asap since the most recent Save file (Legend & nearly ready to seek for a Synedrion Palace win mission!) was going alright before this patch.

NOTE that this comment isn’t related to the !!! (oldish files) flaws… but rather a new BUG directly caused by Orrix v1.10 update.

I’ve sent in a bug report but my joy at finding my save files was short-lived as every time I play one, the game stops working during the pandy turn

Do you have some mods installed that could stop working after the patch and cause this issue?

Is there some connection to fire damage? There is an issue after the last patch. When someone with a Fire-resistant vest module is damaged by fire it hangs the game. We have a fix for it and will release hotfix soon. For now, you should be fine if you stop using fire-resistant vest modules. Sorry for that.

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There are numerous fire zones with my guys in them so this might be the reason.

Definitely… i can confirm plenty of variables generated by Mad2342’s AssortedAdjustments are related to many gameplay systems like Aircrafts, Manufacturing and Research just to name a few.
Even though i’ve sent the F10 report – i am sure such embedded code “hacks” could corrupt the Save structural referencing Data flow.

Sadly… that Save would likely never be able to get salvaged. Weeks worth of campaign progress has been wasted unless that Mod can be updated and then… would re-activate the runtime status properly.

I have same issue here. Lots of unrelated and not-working save files (not mine!) in the beginning the save file list (autosave file is working) and only after those I can find a working save files, which are mine. Disabled cloud syncing - not helping. Quite odd and irritating bug, I must say. Please fix.

Any idea when this hotfix is coming out. I am having to wait for it as my recent save is hanging for this reason and I am facing the firebombing chiron.

The hotfix came out already before the weekend. If it still hangs your game you probably need to restart the mission so everything is loaded freshly again.

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The hotfix did not fix this strange problem with new unrelated save files generating at the beginning of save file list every time you exit and start the game again. Upon starting the game, there are tens of broken/not-working save files, and only after those correct save files can be found. Luckily they are working and I’m not experiencing any hangs in the tactical game itself. No mods.

Same here so I am using the duff saves and overwriting them for new ones. Also, no hangs in the game now, which is great.

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Same problem here - no mod and all DLC. I started a new fresh game and I have the same exact problem. Disabled cloud sync, re-saved game. While I play, it looks I can access my ‘current session’ saved games but when I quit and come back, nada. Only the autosavegame is available.

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Just posted my own F10 error log. Same issue as most of you i think. I get 3 corrupt save game files created whenever i start up the game. My old save files are still there so just means I have to load one of those rather than being able to hit ‘Continue’ on the main screen. They delete easy enough, just a bit of a pain.

. I play game via Epic Games. Friend who plays via Steam does not have same issue.

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Same problem and on Epic too - I even renamed a save game and it put to this weird filenaming thing.

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