Can't Save Games "An error has occured while writing"

Hey guys,

First time posting here! Anyways, I am having an issue with saving games in Phoenix Point.

First of all, I am playing it through the Microsoft Store via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I wasn’t having this issue before, but all of the sudden now when the game attempts to autosave (or I manually try to save) it comes up with an error message stating “An error has occured while writing”. The game does not save at all, and it is impossible to save my game past this point. At this point the game is unplayable for me. Help?

Found this Reddit thread: . The guy is saying: the fix for me was sadly just to completely uninstall the game and redownload it

So it was saving without a problem before and then stopped or never saved anything? Are you using cloud or local saves? If it was saving before then I would try to delete some saves as you might reach some maximum capacity for cloud saves. If it was never saving then it is possible that it is trying to save on read only drive. Is any of your drives (probably C) read only? Or the obvious thing do you have free space on your drive?

I don’t think uninstalling will give your save files. But you may want to copy then to another location first to be safe.