Will there be another major patch in 2019?

Hi at all.
Is there any official scheduling about planned Major Patches? It would be great if snapshot could inform the community about planned things. I dont want to know an exact timeline only a guide like “major bug fix patch 2 in december”, “major balance patch january”.

Is it possible to provide something like that to the community?


Might be hard for them to have some1 do this but i would love it if they could.


Even just to know what is being worked on next would be handy. i.e. Key binds


Yeah, a roadmap would be nice


I have heard that they plan on having Christmas off. I hope this was fake news.

I think we are limited to patch notes and the occasional ‘Hi there’. Snapshot dev’s are the shy quiet type.

What we don’t want is for them to drop a patch just before they leave for the holidays and then for the patch to have a bug like last time. This would mean that we couldn’t play over Christmas.

My guess is no, but I hope the next patch will fix a lot of things.

I Think we all love the game and know that there is still work to do. And we also want to Help und support with bug reporting and Ideas.

I just hope they give some Information about the Next steps. Would be just a great Sign to the community and not leave us “alone in the dark”… there is nothing worse than no Information… and waiting…


We’re still working on patches - we’ve nothing to announce right now about what the fixes in the next patches will be, or when it will drop. But we will keep working until the game is where it needs to be.

We’re all human - and many of us at Snapshot put in a lot of hours and worked non-stop over the last few months to get everything ready for the release date. Just as any employee does - we’re entitled to take our holidays and spend time with our families.


From what I can see here in the peanut gallery, Unstable Voltage, you are the only guy
who has been responding to the absolutely astounding number of problems with Phoenix Point
since its release over two weeks ago. Hell, Gollop ought to give you the next six
months off to make up for your efforts.
Then he ought to stand up here in the forums and explain to us how Phoenix Point
got released in the horrid state it was in (and seemingly remains to a great extent from
the plethora of postings I’ve read since that “major” patch release.
I was an early backer of the game and after the second delay, posted up
that I was not in any particular hurry for the game to come out, but would rather
that it be delayed if necessary so I could have a clean, un-bugged version
to dive into.
As we both know, it was not delayed further and was pushed out the door
bugged and broken; much to my disappointment. Maybe I’ll fire it up and
give it a whirl a year from now when perhaps it’ll be the game I was hoping

Regards, Odd


I think for now, its really either quickly solve the freeze issue or roll back on the last patch so that 50% of us can resume playing the game.

What is this freeze issue? I have not experienced that yet.

That’s odd. Most of us work to get away from our families. I guess there are some strange folk out there that have it back to front.


the game can soft lock (AI turn never ends) when killing an enemy with return fire or overwatch.


This has not happened to me since the hotfix. That was a face fragger thing I think.

I just saw that happen to someone live on stream

Thank you for the Feedback.

So i am Looking forward to new Patches in 2020 :slight_smile: for me it is important that “you” (snapshotgames) are willing to work on PP and not say “no money, no funny, thats it, game over”.

You and all the Devs should have nice christmas days and relaxing time.

And with the beginning of the next year we all take our weapons to shoot the Bugs/ OP Balances and others things out of the game :slight_smile:

So, See you in 2020. “Guten Rutsch” (as we say in germany)


I think Epic guarantee them the sales figures weather they sell it or not. I think that might cause some of the more unscrupulous developers to sit on their bum and do nothing. Why should they when the money still piles in? Only when it hits the likes of steam will they make a effort.
I think the dev’s of The outer world are taking advantage of this. They can’t even be bothered fixing widescreen support.
If this is correct it could be a bad thing for consumers.


Auto update of game is a must for today. Will come with Steam release in 11,5 months to go.

Bug fixing and preparing a patch release NEVER EVER been automatic, lol.

Torchlight 2 tried the numerous quick patches past release until they released one erasing all saves, be sure that from this date the patches frequency lowdown a lot.

Small indies isn’t comparable to anything, and some can manage frequent quick patches, but they’ll never be able to release a game as XCOM1&2 or PP…