Release date update announcement

Snapshot Games’ creative director Julian Gollop has an update announcement for the release date of Phoenix Point



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Eh, nothing new and I support your decision. :+1:
I expected this, because there are still many things to do, which we have not seen. From different soldiers classes, vehicles, buildings, weapons, enemies…
So take your time Julian Gollop and create a good game.


Things we have seen not necessarily must be the only ones that are completed. :wink: I’m not sure if they will show us every class, ability, enemy, weapon or building or even environment.

Phew, finally.
Looking at the Roadmap i’d expected this sooner :wink:.
Very good decision - take all the time you need. Those who want to play have Backer Builds.

Early December would be great!

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This makes me angry… I know it’s not Snapshot’s fault entirely (they did choose xsolla), but still…

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@Yokes I totally agree with you. I know that these things will be revealed once they are completed.
But if you only look at the roadmap, it’s clear to you that they have a lot of work ahead.
Currently, they finish PP base, then they will go to Disciples of Anu. About Synedrion, there are no official news how should their buildings look.

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Delay for three months. That’s OK, really, I was even expecting it to only be released in 2020. It seems there’s still so many things to add to the game.


Sorry Potkeny I totally forgot about that issue.
I’m a FIG Backer and I’d like to upgrade too but I already have Backer Build access.

I’d prefer a Steam EA release in July but that presumably costs money.
Steam EA and a release in December would be wonderful.

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Would not help me 'cos I’m a GOG-user, but this is really off-topic now :smiley:

To those complaining about a 3 month delay… If you think you can do this kind of detailed involved game faster, then by all means go do it yourself.

A delay upfront shows HONESTY by the developer. It also shows they are more concerned with the quality of what they produce rather then making money releasing it sooner. And with the quality, in the end they will make MORE money to do more development and enhancements for the game in the future… and because of that, people like me will SPEND our money on them to do that.

So if all you can do is bitch and complain, go find some arcade game produced in a few months and play that to your hearts content. Stop bitching about a delay when you yourself have not a clue on what it takes to design and write the code for something this big.

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3 extra months after 22 years (since X-COM Apocalypse)? It’s nothing :slight_smile:

Getting more excited for the finished product! All the base building looks amazing. :blush:

I’ll say the same that I said when the first delay was announced, if the team need more time to make polish the game I’m okay with it.

When I backed this project was one of the things that I accepted.

And again thanks to @JulianG to address the announcement personally.


Well the game was meant to be released last year … do bear that in mind.

Haven’t seen anyone complaining?

In any case, perfectly fine with a delay. Having it done properly is way more important than having it done fast. That sort of decision hurt apocalypse way back when.

AAA games have a lot more issues delaying, as they have a lot more people to answer to (both fans and business), but thankfully, Snapshot can mostly dodge that (though I think they had some corporate investment, iirc).

Rather the game late and complete, than early and a mess! Do what you need to do guys :+1:

We have the backer build to get our fix in the meantime.


I agree with the theme of the other replies. Better to make this a game for the ages than to rush it out and have it be pale in comparison to xcom. I like XCOM, but with all the thought and effort that’s been given to this world and all the lessons learned from XCOM’s design, it would be a shame to come so close to making a better game but not succeeding.


Julian take your time on this. We all remember how Apocalypse was somewhat a mis-fire due to time shortages. Phoenix Point has no release date irrevocably chiseled into stone so take your time.