Plans for 2023 (Roadmap)

Hey Folks

I am a returning player and like the changes they have done to the game :muscle:
Do we know what is coming up in 2023 (DLC, etc.).

On a side note, I do experience from time to time that my game gets stuck in a war during the pandoran’s turn - “Pandoran Activity”. Is this a common issue and does anyone know how to solve it?

Thank you.

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Probably except some patch with some bug fixes I doubt that there will be anything left. All DLCs are released.

Snapshot Games now is focused on next projects. But they partly (with advices) support modders.

About game stuck in Pandoran turn. Just try to wait. Mostly it is because of Triton AI calculating things.

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We have no plans for Phoenix Point in 2023. Development ended in the summer of 2022. Here is official article about it:

There is talented mod team called Phoenix Rising that has plans for 2023. You can check their Discord or see their mod.