Patch today you think?

I noticed they have taken down the sticky announcing the hotfix, Could be in prep for the new patch notes.
All together now. We want the patch. When do we want it? NOW! We want the patch. When do we want it?

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It is becuase they reversed changes done by the last patch.

overall nice changes. There is hope and high chance that the game will improve over time. :wink:

Wowsie! That alone is mega wowsie. I can’t wait.
We want the patch. When do we want it?

I was going to start a new game, but after seeing this I’ll wait :smile:

I was somewhat sucked in this game anyway, so I think I will start a new game also. Might turn the difficulty down a notch this time until I get to know the ins and outs of the game better :smiley:

Can I choose an other player without wait till the actual player finished his walk? (like in xcom)

Yes, just click on them or their portrait.

or just hit tab

ok - i play with controller - it dont works to chose the next - hope they fix this

I suppose they won’t fix this as you need to have resolved actions of one unit before you can make anything with next. Phoenix Point is more complicated than XCOM2.