Congrats to Snapshot, you made it on TheQuartering!

YouTube creator TheQuartering has commented on the switch of Phoenix Point to Epic, and Snapshot is now the topic of discussion among his 479,000 viewers and the larger gaming community in general! Well done, Mr. Gollop! I hope you calculated on truly significant amounts of backlash, because you just made the Big Time!played

Free publicity AND a big bag of cash from Epic?
Seems like they hit jackpot!


Indeed! I am quite sure Mr. Gollop is quite confident in the knowledge that there are not enough dissatisfied customers for him to be concerned about.

A rather small fish, in an overcrowded sea. I wouldn’t worry about it for now.

The guy has no clue on what he’s talking about though, he doesn’t even bother to do a bit of research to figure why devs would go with epic or bring up the fact that they’re offering refunds. That video could have been 2 minutes long instead of him repeating the same argument over and over again. He even brings up the fact that his main gripe is having to use a seperate launcher which says a lot about his understanding of the situation… The clickbait title is the cherry on top. Seems like his target audiance is easily impressed by this shitty content.

Hmm, so 480,000 subs is “shitty content”? Interesting.

All of the most successfull youtubers gained success from targeting the dumb and gullible fools.
I take it you’re very impressed with Jake Pauls content aswell?

Nah jake should be in jail after that stunt in Japan but thats just my opinion. So, who can you suggest as far as content that isnt shitty?

Gameranx did a good job at explaining why devs choose to go with Epic. I like content that goes aginst the flow and shows the other side of the coin instead of just riding the hype train and repeating whatever outrage will get them most clicks.

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Did see that video a few hours ago. While it was “balanced” to a degree, the general consensus on YouTube is that Snapshot pulled a dick move. There will always be apologists, but they appear to be the minority.

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They did pull a dick move, there’s no arguing that but the vast majority of content that’s being spewed out is just repeating the same talking points without getting the bigger picture. People just don’t understand why it’s so important for small indie devs to break steams monopoly and how beneficial this will be for the future of gaming. We need indie devs to grow if we want to get rid off all the AAA microtransaction bullshit.

So Epic is pushing hard for timed exclusives, while Steam does not, yet it is Steam that is a “monopoly”? If Epic wanted to challenge Steam, they should do so by offering a better service, not exclusives. Lastly, if indie devs want respect, they should avoid screwing over their most ardent supporters.

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I understand why people dislike exclusivity but it plays a key factor in Epic’s strategy. They can push for this because they have leverage with the UE4 license, a massive user base and piles of cash from fortnite. This is the main thing why they might succeed where other platforms have failed. Even if they can improve their store to a reasonable degree it won’t be enough to convince ppl to take the leap when they can get the same games and service from steam.

The cult like following that keeps praising steam for putting out minimal effort compared to the huge amounts of cash they’re raking in while at the same time squeezing indie devs dry is too stupid to figure out why giving valve complete control is a dumb idea.


Were you aware of yesterdays post about Epic hooking into the clients Steam account and extracting UserID, game ID’s, time played, friends list, etc?

No but I’m not surprised, either way it doesn’t affect me because I’ve never had a steam account. I’m well aware Epic is a shitty company but I hope they succeed because they’re the ones supporting upcoming indie devs.

What are your feelings towards GOG?

Now, lets look abit into the crystal ball… Lets say that in 2-3 years time EGS has been very successful and have more or less replaced steam…

  1. Why do you think that is a better solutions for the customers ?

  2. Do you really think EGS would stick with their 12% rate if they had a 80-90% market share ?

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Same tactic Walmart used in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Starting with low prices, and once all the local Mom & Pop stores went bankrupt, prices were jacked up through the roof.

They won’t replace Steam and that’s not the point. Small developers need alternatives to negotiate better deals so they have more funds to improve their games. The benefit for consumers is higher quality games and platforms competing to provide better services.

Perhaps the platforms should actually provide a better service first ?