Why don't I own Festering Skies on Steam?

During the crowd funding campaign, I paid for the DLC, this was before the EGS exclusivity deal was inked. Okay, fine.

So I go the game on Epic. I got the Season Pass on Epic. Okay, fine, whatever.

So I have Festering Skies on EGS. (I just checked.)

Last year, when we got the opportunity to opt in for those of us who’d assumed we’d get to pick GOG or Steam as our platform of choice, and were given codes, I got a Steam code.

At the time, it looked like all the appropriate content was duplicated over there. But, now, I apparently no longer own the Season Pass on Steam and don’t have Festering Skies.

What is going on over at Snapshot?

On Steam, you need to activate the expansion pass key in order to get Festering Skies and the rest of future DLCs. The expansion pass key was sent about a week ago to the same email address where you received the survey and Steam Year One Edition key. Check your promotions tab and spam. If you cannot find the key write an email from your backer email to contact@snapshotgames.com and we will send it again.

Okay, yeah, I’m not seeing that email, which is probably because I didn’t see the survey until after the deadline and had it hand fulfilled. I’ll deal with that, thanks.

EDIT: And I found the email. I forgot that I used an alternate email account when setting up my Fig account. Again, thank you.