GOG: Festering Skies is "coming soon"

I bought the game way back in the days so that I’ll have all the DLC up to Festering Skies. The GOG thing does not list any DLC, it is not downloading anything and in-game tells me that it is “Coming Soon”. What gives?

we GOG users need to wait a little bit longer.

Who knows. Phoenix Point has a history of releasing updates later on GOG, then everywhere else. Unlike Steam, where Valve has hands off aproach, GOG is curated and all released content (be it updated, releases, or DLCs) need to be approved by human GOG team. So if you ever wondered, why devs never confirm plans for GOG release until right before release, it’s probably that - whenever game will be on GOG or not is not up to them.

Why Snapshot runs into so many issue with GOG - no clue. I haven’t seen anything like that before. Maybe it requires a build submittion long before planned release to give GOG enough time to review it? Maybe it requires to jump through extra hoops, and they lack manpower? Just recently Solasta gave backers early access to 1.0, but not on GOG “as it would take too much time”.

Festering Skies at least has the store page, so hopefully it will be out soon. Meanwhile Steam and Epic users can test the build for us and find those bugs that were no doubt added with the new content.

Why? Snapshot needs to define “little bit longer”.

Hmm … interesting.

One type of gog-update pipeline is independent of the devs, they submit “the update”, then whenever the gog-staff has “time” it’ll be released on gog as an available update, sometimes even weeks later (mostly around christmas with multiple releases and vacations).

For Festering Skies, Snapshot did give an update on twitter:

Hello GOG players - We expect the Festering Skies DLC to be available at 1PM UTC on Friday.
Expansion Pass keys will be sent via email to eligible backers, which includes access to the Festering Skies.


Another (indie) game finally got a pipeline so the gog-updates are almost simultaneous with steam (might take an hour longer or around that), but I have no idea how (complicated) that process is (and was done years after the game’s release, so might not be worth it during “development”).

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Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunate that many game devs confuse twitter/reddit with their own official announcement page.

I agree, it’s sad seeing how companies prefer to use 3rd party sites before their own forum/website, but all I can do is checking those out when I want some information that badly.

As a side note Festering Skies is out on GOG. The key should also be sent out already - I got mine. Just make sure you check the “promotional” folder.