Festering Skies DLC backer key

Hello, I’ve just received new DLC backer key, however, the key I’ve got is for Steam version only.

Problem is that I gave away the free Year One Edition Steam key, Snapshot gave to early backers some time ago and kept playing Epic Store version. I was under impression that free YOE key can be kept or given away and still receive remaining DLCs to Epic version.

Looks like I’ve completely misinterpreted what was in the email:
“Also note: you are additionally entitled to keys for DLCs 3, 4, and 5 when they release. We will deliver your keys to those via the platform you choose on the survey, when they become available.”.
I didn’t realise it referred to “this” YOE survey. I thought there will be separate survey for remaining DLCs. :frowning:

Snapshot Games, is there anything that can be done to exchange the Steam key I’ve received to Epic Store one? I haven’t, obviously, redeem it.


I have the exact same question. I just went to my Epic Games library and if you click on the three dots at the bottom of the game’s picture and select Manage Add-Ons, you can enable DLCs 3, 4 & 5.

I’m not sure what that does, but maybe that means we already have those DLCs and don’t need to enter a key?

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and… same question again - exact same situation. I even tried to correct the problem the same day they sent out the YOE codes when I realised what I’d done. Judging by the fact I received the Steam Code - looks like I was too late.

We’ll need a Mod or a member of Snapshot to answer this one I think.


All the backers from before March 2019 have 2 versions of the game with all the DLCs. One of these versions is always on EGS and the key for it was received in December 2019. This key contained season pass (season pass is all the DLCs even those not yet released). That means your EGS version already has all the DLCs and they will be automatically available once the DLCs are released.

The survey sent out in November 2020 was about your second key for the game. That means you either have Steam + EGS, GOG + EGS, or EGS + EGS. This game version is branded as Year One Edition and you need to activate the expansion pass key we just sent for Steam in order to get the future DLCs (Festering Skies, DLC 4, and DLC5). We will send such keys for GOG and EGS soon (we do not have them yet).


@ Valygar

Thanks a tonne for dropping in and clarifying that, it’s been on my mind for a while now, it’s great to finally get it cleared up.

Looking forward to Festering Skies - this is the one I’ve been waiting for.


Thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

ooohf. I think I was confused as well. Somehow I have a Collectors Edition key for EGS (already registered,) a Year One Edition key on EGS (unused) and a Year One Edition Expansion Pass key on Steam (also unused)?

Confusion, user error… not sure what happened. Unless there were surveys for each key… I don’t know how that YOE and YOE Expansion Pass key got split up into two platforms?

Any chance I can get it corrected?

As I understand it:

Pre-platform wide release, there was Phoenix Point based game and expantion pass. Those who purchased those, will be getting DLCs are planned as part of already redeemed expantion pass.

When PP was released on steam and GOG, PP was rebranded with Year One Edition, which consists of the base game, Living Weapons pack and first two DLCs. There is no season pass for it, and new customers will have to purchase all new DLCs seperately.

Backers who backed the game before Epic deal was announced received base game and the expantion pass on EPIC and after exclusivity expired they received promised key for YOE on steam and GOG. As there is no Season Pass for YOE, seperate keys for each DLC will be sent when each DLC releases, eventually matching the content they redeemed on Epic. (I assume the key you received is for upcoming Festering Skies only, not for season pass. Two additional keys should come as DLCs get released.)

YOE edition contains no exclusive content, so if you are happy with your Epic base game and have access to all the content (base game + living weapons pack + season pass) you already own all that is to own. The only issue I am aware of are players who purchased PP on Epic, own base game and expantion pass but not the living weapon pack - as far as I know there is no easy way for them to buy just that small DLC - YOE upgrade is unavaiable and Living Weapons Pack isn’t on sale anymore.


I missed that part :rofl:. Seems like a clerical error.

Correction. It seems there is new season pass with indeed, with the release of Festering Skies, that will include all remaining 3 DLCs.

I think it is because you filled the survey twice (once as Steam and once as EGS). In that case, we probably put you on both lists: Expansion pass for EGS and for Steam. EGS expansion passes were not sent out yet. Just a reminder: EGS expansion pass is needed only for the Year One Edition keys from the survey in 2020. The first EGS version from 2019 does not need any additional keys as it already contains a season pass.

You can write an email from your backer email to contact@snapshotgames.com and I will look at your specific case.

Its cool to be backer, but why cant we, odrinary buyers, buy it on Steam?

Because it is not released yet. The release is at 5 PM UTC (4hours from now).

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please message me when its on Steam. Price?

10 USD for FS and 15USD for expansion pass (FS+DLC4+DLC5).

I think if you add it to your wishlist it will notify you once it is available and it seems that Expansion pass is available to buy already.

I know @high voltage had hard times with I, I was pissed off by delays and changes and bugs, demanded Linux version too etc. but I am good now.

I want to show support! Laser Squaders, Xcom vets, newborn Fireaxis children, follow the old mans example :slight_smile:

Devs use the money visely and correct fucking movement thieft, pandas using humans to heal, nest fog still appearing etc.

Steam\ 615x88
Hello rasvoja

Thank you for your recent transaction on Steam.

The items below have been added to your Steam Library.

If you are new to Steam, you can get the free Steam application here.

Purchased DLC will automatically be added. You can find it on the Library page of the base game.

You’ve earned Steam Points

Visit the Points Shop 1,482

\ 184x69 Phoenix Point - Expansion Pass Subtotal (excl. VAT): 10,41€
VAT at 20%: 2,08€
Total: 12,49€

Account name: rasvo​ja​
Invoice: 2842313283014198335
Date issued: 25 May, 2021 @ 3:49pm CEST Subtotal (excl. VAT): 10,41€
VAT at 20%: 2,08€
Total: 12,49€

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Same for GOG, right?

For GOG they were not sent out yet. EGS expansion pass keys will be sent later today. GOG probably not today but a bit later as GOG release of Festering Skies will most likely be slightly delayed.

I see, thank you.

Shoot, my bad. I just always clicked on the survey link in any new email from you guys and filled it out asap. I didn’t realize I didn’t need to do it again if I already did once.

I went ahead and sent in an email. Thanks for your help.

I mean for me I stuck with the EGS version since the beginning, and its currently got Festering Skies in it already. I didn’t have to do anything

When do we get the key for steam then? as far as I know i selected steam, at least thats where i got my year one edition… but i havent seen/found any mail or anything containing the festering sky DLC key, and as far i recal i backed the game in 2018