Slap in the Face for Early Backers!

So PP Year One Edition is just out on Steam…and it’s with a 50% discount.

Makes me really glad I paid all that extra money however long ago it was via Epic as an Early Backer, particularly as we may not now be getting the Festering Skies DLC included.

I don’t think I’ll be doing that again in a hurry, and definitely not with Snapshot Games.

I subscribed to this game as I’m a fan of the original X-COM games produced by “the great Julian Glossop”, but the way this game has been marketed has not been trustworthy.


What do you mean? Festering Skies is still coming out, as do other 2 DLCs. If you have Season Pass, then you will get it. It is not part of Year One edition though.

It is not uncommon for games to be discounted by half a year after release and packaged with all DLCs in some kind of “Ultimate Edition”. Early adopters are generally suckers who pay more for a worse and incomplete product.

Unless you are like me, and are an authentic Early Backer (not one of those post Epic deal pretenders!) paid $25 for early bird tier, got game on both Epic and GOG and a free season pass on top of that… but that’s an exception, rather then a rule.

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Does that show anywhere for non-epic keys? 'Cos I could find only the standard year-one edition for gog, but might be just shop-differences.

There might not be a season pass anymore for Year One Edition, however, backers who were given season pass as compensation on Epic will receive those DLCs as well. The email with GOG key said, that there will be seperate keys send out as each DLC releases.

EDIT: Just double checked. It’s not in the email, but it was written somewhere. Either way, it’s been confirmed that the additional key will come with DLCs 3-5 just like the original Epic key.


That’s good to know, thanks.

After the whole crowdox-xsolla-can’t upgrade nightmare I’m just somewhat wary of promises Snapshot makes about administrative stuff.

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At the same time, I can’t say I am not grateful. I was willing to add, like what… $20-25 to get access to a DLC worth of couple bucks. Which is also now got for free with Game of the Year edition. Maybe Snapshot just wanted to save us from ourselves :rofl:

Meh, they delivered one key, I am sure they can deliver others as well.


Agreed, I was debating the upgrade for more extras/early-access before the epic-beta was known, and not paying more was probably the better outcome for me probably.

. Early adopters are generally suckers who pay more for a worse and incomplete product.


You’ve all been play testing this game for a year so that the final release, a year later is more or less done. Except for various broken elements.

The only difference between the backers and the early adopters is how much money you paid to be a tester.

Just recently I bought Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access for 59,99€. I know in a couple of years game will be selling for 29,99€. When that happens I’ll be sure to write to Larian complaining about how they just slapped me in the face by dropping 50% of the game’s base price. How can they do this to ME, an early adopter of the game!

I’m sorry, my friend, but your complaint doesn’t make sense, it’s just how the market works. There IS a serious complaint being made in the sense that Phoenix Point dropped many of its advertised features - serious, the pre-backer builds footage is more engrossing than the actual game! - and it’s, to much of my sorrow, just not a great game. I don’t regret my option, I had lots of fun following the game’s development, but I really wish it had lived to its full potential.

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I´m not a backer. I bought in pre-order. So i had the right to expect a mostly ready game on release.

The fact many 1.0 releases have issues don´t make right what happened here, because this trainwreck goes way beyond a bug filled release. Those are fixed in weeks at worst… And being indi don´t give the devs a pass. I bought indi games before, and even without Epic money they were more stable on EA than this on release.

What i got was to be part of a closed beta (fooled into be a “backer”), because one year after release and i´m not even sure if a 1.9 save will survive next patch. And such a flaw don´t merit even EA status.

So, i do feel slapped when i see how much i could have saved if the devs had being honest about the development stage the game was in december 2019, as i´d never would had pre-ordered something this unready.

I wish i could refund this, but like the game i was promised, i know its something i´ll never get…

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Had same feeling in december 2019, but its getting into shape! Dont give up the hope. It will be a great game, been playing it since blood and titanium, its constantly improving and fixed … Surely with some minor bugs and set backs.