What happend whit Festering Skies

Festering Skies disapear from DLC LIST what happend ?

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I bought season pass and it disapeare from shop, lost my order, but on dls option it has.
What with dls and seasom pas content? it is dead and fake now?

I also bought the Season Pass on Epic but as long as my library shows all 5 DLC that I owned it is OK for me and nothing lost.
I assume that the “old” Season Pass is not longer in the store because it is obsolete now. There is only the One Year Edition to buy and this comes already with 2 of the 5 DLC.
I only wonder that you can buy the first two DLC (Blood and Titanium, Legacy of the Ancients)** separately on Steam (not so on Epic). But you can’t buy the “old” base game without any DLC, only the One Year Edition, that has these two DLC already included, looks pretty weird.
I think they need some time to sort the things out and than we will see what happens with Festering Skies and DLC 4 and 5.

**Edit: … and the Living Weapon Pack, also included in the Year One Edition

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the problem is whit the list, you can see dlc in a list when start new play. but in this moment festering skies not listed. in old version is listed.

Yes in old versions it was listed in the starting game menu itself, but now not longer.
But again, as long as it is listed in my Epic library all is fine for me and we will see what happens when Festering Skies will be released. I assume then this DLC will also be listed in the game menu after I have installed it via the launcher. If not, well, then we meet us again here and write bad things about Snapshot, Epic and who ever we can find to be guilty :wink:

TL/DR: It’s too early for me to get upset about something that doesn’t exist right now.

Festering Skies is in development and will be released when it’s ready :).

We just simplified our EGS shop offer so currently, you can buy only Year One Edition. If you had a season pass you still have it but the non-released DLCs are not listed on the shop for now but once they are released you will have them.


Congratulations for the excellent work, I am enjoying a lot the nowadays game.

I would like to ask about the initial monsters design and gameplay I saw in https://youtu.be/fQIrgIVpHD0

What happened to this? About future dlc you are right, hopefully next year we will have festering skies.

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