Why did you release a game that is not ready?

The game as a concept is brilliant.

Though is not Ready. It is full of bugs and it requires a number of improvements.

I have reached a point in the game that I can not progress further because the actions to explore or defend or attack at the geo screen freeze.

Why put a community of dedicated fans … which you could have won over from x com through this ux?

Unprofessional and naive! Poor long term strategy.

Could at least have my money back?

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Well, seems they needed not to delay release, and dev-bugfixing cycle was slow before compared to proposed dates.

Its often nowadays, games get trully, fixed and even expanded and shiny 1-2 years after the release. As well as price drops.

My 2 cents, rest will be told by end users and team.

I agree sharing BB5 to all and taking another 3 months was far better strategy, but was seen as carnevourism.

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There’s no dancing around it, as a BB6 it’s brilliant, as a 1.0 it’s awkward and confusing. I took the Steam Winter Sales to finally get War Of The Chosen, and found it presents many of the things I wished Phoenix Point had by now. Putting PP to rest now, waiting for future patches and DLC to solve the problems


For me there’s multiple UI bugs (could be Mac only) and serious UI problems (among many elements well done), about that I consider no custom binding like a clue that it’s not a high budget game finished.

Sometimes I have to explore twice a location, with a game based on time rush it’s almost a game breaking bug. I think I met another break gaming but once, and forgot which one. I’ll also admit that I ended accept the double explore bug for a last attempt of play, at Easy this time.

For playability dev design intent isn’t clear:

  • Is there many bad balances and many mostly OP holes, or is it on purpose challenging on roster building aspect since Normal difficulty, if not since Easy?
  • Does Normal difficulty has the intended difficulty curve rising quickly, or is it bad procedural management or bad difficulty management?
  • Are the difficulty big spikes really intended?
  • Does Normal requires a very optimized global management to have a chance to win, or it wasn’t intended and more difficulty not controlled?

I’m not enough competent in the game to make any guess, time will say, but if most of it is intended in my opinion they did an unwise design choice for Normal difficulty which seems too extreme. At least they could have the respect to players and name difficulties differently if they wanted put the bar high, like Normal and Veteran instead of Easy and Normal.

That said, despite some rage quit and some boredom from some UI bugs, and some patience exhausted from aspects that look too challenging to my current knowledge of the game, I admit that start a campaign once more is still fun. Moreover switch to Easy difficulty reveal be a good option, after total boredom too easy first three special missions. So refund, too late, and never, if they fail achieve a state I find fully satisfying, ok, it was a good fun anyway, and I won’t regret my pledging, it was worthing the try.

For a buy, not a pledge, I’d say, if you are fund of the genre, a refund is rather bizarre, at minimum it’s a rather promising Early Access. If you don’t care of the genre, and just wanted a game to play, ok a refund makes sense.