Can't return the game

Hi there,

I tried to return game because:

  1. there are constant delays
  2. I dont believe the game will be released on next release date or it will be completed poorly
  3. The game is far from what is expected out of it.

I contacted Xsolla and they said:
We are sorry to hear about your issues. We have carefully examined your case and unfortunately this type of purchase is not eligible for a refund.
Thank you for understanding.”

What can I do to get my money back?

How long ago did you make the purchase?

  1. Games are often delayed, it is not nice but better than rushing an unfinished game.
  2. The BBs have always been weeks to month behind the current developing state. BB5 is no exception. Noone of us knows about how far or near the final product is. Maybe we will get some info in November.
  3. And BB5 is still an alpha build, no fully playable game, you should lower your expections from it. I really hope the final game will blow away our mind. Fingers crossed @JulianG

1st June 2019

Email me at and I will see what I can do.

I would love to respond to that. Unfortunately last time I made a comment regarding the delay (very constructive and to the point no pettiness) my account was deleted and email address blacklisted.

Hence lets agree to disagree.


Don’t you worry. If game will be good then he will re-purchase. :smiley:

That is actually exactly my plan, spent more time with Xcom series than with my gfs (combined).

This has now been refunded.

Awesome, thank you!

I agree with Xsolla, you knew it was a beta test program! AND… you can not speculate on release dates OR the quality of the game until it actually happens… Simple! I bought mine and it has all the same issues as everyone else, but that’s just the way it is, I have stopped playing now till it comes out, but even if it is delayed WHO CARES as long as they get it right! And that is the risk you take, you knew so live with it. In future wait till it is out. I think it will be great and I don’t care how long they take to make it, I enjoyed what I had even with the bugs…:slight_smile:

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