So when should we wait for BB5?

So when should we wait for BB5?

My guess would be beginning of August if ever.

So I have a simple question. Cause I agree with Yokes that the new BB5 would be released not sooner than beginning of August. What would be the point? Can such a late release have any impact on the full release of the game, i.e. bug hunt by us. I don’t see enough time to implement the changes. Or would the release be just to satisfy our curiosity and fulfillment of snapshot promises to release BB5?

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Wasn’t that the main point of all the other BBs too? I remember UV saying something like while they do read feedback, the main purpose of BBs was not “testing” but “giving access”.

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I think so.

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Telemetry still might be of some use. There will be a lot of tweaking/finilizing/fixing going on in those last few weeks.

Release in some 1,5 - 2 month, what BB you are talking about ))

Last one with most of the features. I hope that it won’t include:

  • all aliens,
  • all faction units,
  • all mutations on the aliens which will be included,
  • all weapons, equipment and armors (and their modifications),
  • story and lore elements,
  • complete research tree

because I want to have some surprise in final release.

But it would be fine to take a look at:

  • final travel system,
  • base building,
  • diplomacy (without lore elements),
  • how trading routes work between faction havens,
  • fights between factions (maybe some basic Anu units could fight NJ)
  • how inventory will work (because in Backers Build 4 was some arcade version of it, where items could teleport everywhere with your soldiers)
  • complete inventory management (all armor parts in those armors we have already seen, item filters, saving loadouts),
  • production of items in factory,
  • some basic research in research tree,
  • how managing personnel in bases look like,
  • other factions and neutral units during missions,
  • working environmental destruction (with proper objects durability),
  • better AI (civilians too),
  • some of soldier psychology features,
  • new lightning system along with visualization of perception,
  • some use for stealth (except being outside of Return Fire danger zone),
  • how dynamic objectives during missions look like,
  • if objective areas will have some other impact than +3 to willpower for the team,

So list of features we didn’t saw is quite long.


But it would be fine to take a look at:

You ll take a look - on a final release -)

Really, I don’t see BB5 is coming. Making a new playable build requires a certain amount of work - I don’t think Snapshot wants to spend their time on that now.

They have to compile the complete game in any way to test, release, … so no really difference to a BB5 if it will contain all features. They just need to find a way to hide some stuff if they want. Maybe BB5 can be like a Demo, it will end after x days played, this would prevent most of the later features.
If not everything will be tested we can still run into bad bugs and I don’t think SG has that much personal and hardware to test the game on their own.

there are currently 60 people employed at Snapshot.

Also, BB5 has been confirmed as happening, and will be feature complete. Most of the systems will be placeholders though

Well, when about wait for it? At least approximately. And then all the bases are saved, the nests are destroyed.

My best guess is end of July/start of August, though I haven’t heard any actual details yet

Again I repeat. I appreciate that we are getting near launch but backers “back” in order to get early access. In all honesty BB4 was a bit underwhelming considering what the roadmap (that’s been abandoned since epic frankly) claimed were going to be the development schedules. Remember, trust can be broken by breaking promises but also rebuilt by showing that the people who originally funded the game are still being considered, as they should be.

If someone backs a game they probably have a little extra money than the average gamer (most of us could have probably bought the DLC if the game was worth it) and although free DLC is nice, it’s not why we backed the game.

Frankly you nice guys on the forums aside there has been no real comment or any real development for backers since external funding was provided.

I would really suggest giving us something at the end of the month to help us begin to rebuild our trust with the game and company which we invested in.

Actions speak louder than words.


No, backers back a game to make it reality.

Sure, some company might be able to make the game but still gets early-access “backers”, but crowdfunded ones are usually not those, and giving “early access” is a relative cheap reward to make “backers” pay even more, thus it’s commonplace.

Just some numbers from PP Fig-campaign:
5k backers with no early access, less than 4k backers with early access.

Yes, of course you are right, however given that backer builds were promised as part of the backer contract so to speak. It seems only fair to have another build, especially considering this has been a rather “unusual” backer (originally funded) game.

Also I repeat again, BB5 was promised on the roadmap and the roadmap has clearly been abandoned. That is not very respectfull or professional to put it mildly.

If I were to borrow 50€ off you and tell that I’d help you fix your plumbing before a certain date as a favour, I then made some half hearted effort to fix your taps (I’m having issues with plumbers at the moment) then made a new richer friend with contacts and then didn’t answer your calls for assistance you’d be justifiably irritated. That was a terrible metaphor, I apologise.

I… don’t understand the “fair” in that (there were backer builds, can’t remember any promise for exact numbers/dates at “contract time”), but even then, good game/launch should be more important than getting a dumbed-down backer build 1 month before (epic beta) launch.

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BB4 was underwhelming, but probably nothing more could get through from development build then, because it was not finished or was not to show until release. Trello roadmap was abandoned (person responsible for that left Snapshot) in January, so before Epic. But you can see now trom main page that Synedrion and Anu are finished, so their recent informations seems to be at least partly true that assets are finished, they just need to combine them in working complete environment. Btw:

Well agree to disagree.

Yeah I saw that, that’s why I checked out the forum today.