I give up PP is so broken it hurts to play it

My saves stopped working after the last patch. When you try to load them error pops up. So you cant progress the game anymore.

There are so many bugs and broken mechanics that at this point it feels like I am playing unpolished mod to a game done by a group of enthusiast rather than a completed product. I dont even think the game is even too hard; it is just broken and not fun after a couple of hours.

I think that instead of even thinking about dlc they should work super hard to fix all the issues.

It just makes me wonder; they had so much feedback from the community. Yet they failed to implement the most basic things. We were testers for 5 iterations of the the BB. Where did our feedback go?

Until next 2 patches I will be playing x-com 2. Have fun guys!


This game could have been so good.
But I totalt underatand your point of view.
I would have prefered of this was BB6+
So many things that needs to be fixed and finished.

i wish they doubled down and be like “sorry (yet again) but its not perfect so we are delaying it for anpother month”

They just have to NOT release a game breaking patch.