Feedback and Suggestions


As a long time X-Com fan I’ve been loving the game with each BB version I play. Right from the start with removing Pod mechanics and full bullet simulation are world changers.

However some things really do need some love. As December really isn’t that far away I personally hope you delay if needed to get the game where it feels right.

As we are in a test build I can’t imagine what is being held back for launch. Though I do suggest a full test run weeks before launch for bug hunting purposes. Let your backer build players help you find these issues and report them before launch day.

You only get one chance to launch your game and the overall performance does matter as skeptics and the more frugal are waiting for release week reviews which will affect sales and sales growth significantly.

Mainly because in the next 6-8 months a ton of popular games are being released. You can expect most people are picking and choosing which to buy and almost have to due to sheer volume of decent games. You don’t want a rough launch at this point in time. EGS is already dead weight.

Spending a couple weeks in crunch time bug hunting before launch is way better than 2 weeks after launch in crunch time bug hunting with people behaving as if you did things much worse than miss something critical related to their weird assortment of tech/hardware.

Though some things really need to be addressed ASAP.

Such as Heavy class accuracy needs immediate attention. The cannon is terrible and grenades have no chance to deviate from the marked trajectory.

Perks need individual CDs beyond just WP. Most abilities should be limited to once per turn per ability as a minimum. Some abilities that are lower cost could maybe be used twice per turn? it’s worth discussing.

I think the aiming % chance for the first shot to hit the red inner circle needs to be displayed. That number would be very useful for those attempting to aim at targets behind cover or further away primarily using single shot attacks. I don’t think this will be any less or more immersion breaking as any other number system used in game.

Class Skill Tree feels shallow or off at times.

I feel like the class skill trees are at least 3 levels short atm. Level cap should be above 7…I’d hope for a minimum of 10. I can easily see 10 skills per tree.

Though maybe the cap should be soft capped via a mid game tech? I’d suggest using a level cap unlock tech such as cybernetics, genetic mutation, exoskeletons built into the armor or some such concepts.

The 2 heavy perks Body Slam and War Cry don’t suit the Heavy style IMO. I don’t think Snipers should roll secondary skills such as melee or heavy weapon oriented. Nor should heavies roll sniper, stealth or Melee secondary skills. Assault should be the ones using Melee as they should be CQB Specialists IMO.

Every time I see a completely useless secondary skill I wonder why that character wasn’t a sniper if the secondary skill was additional damage/accuracy with rifles or stealth features. I mean you’d think you would become whatever you were more predisposed to. These soldiers grew up realizing they are amazing with sniper rifles then trained for heavy weapons…

Perk examples for heavies:

I would expect better accuracy with heavy weapons or armor movement penalties lessened.

bunker down / fortify type ability would be excellent. Increases armor or reduce incoming damage by X until cancelled, cannot attack or move. AKA Target/Decoy or you just know a Pain Train is incoming.

I could even seeing Heavies being the designated medic as who else can you expect to safely run through enemy gunfire to injured / pinned teammates. Jump Jets make them the best quick response to any location.

It would be a little weird but traditionally heavy weapons, medics and even tanks are all vital squad support when used properly in conjunction. Combining them would be efficient and make the Heavy class more desirable.

If done a new perk for healing bonuses would be nice. Anything that reduced required DT to heal out of missions would be awesome as well. Though again I think unlocking something like that via a tech upgrade would be more appropriate than being skill based.

Perk examples for Snipers.

I think the current Sniper perks are decent. Though I wish NV & stealth wasn’t RNG as a secondary skill. I’d even be fine with it being a tech upgrade for sniper rifles and armor. (Tech upgrades for various equipment should be a thing IMO but that’s for another time)

Weak Spot should be renamed Armor Shatter or Sundering Shot. Weak spot should be an ignore armor # or % skill when used on critical parts like the head or limbs. AKA aiming for the eyes, throat or joints.

Cover Ground - Run 2.5X the normal maximum movement range which I would suggest uses 2 WP and all 4 AP. Good for rushing to vantage points or retreating from enemies.

Precision shot - Only with proficient weapon. Aiming Reticle reduced in size by 25% for the next attack. Removes the outer grey circle, guaranteed inner red circle shot. 3WP

Perk examples for Assault

I’d move melee oriented moves onto the assaults. Giving them some more options when clearing building or in other close quarter battle circumstances as they usually lead the way.

Charge - essentially move and/or rename Body Slam ( It would be ideal if you could use a melee weapon doing extra damage).

Barrage - Target empties current ammunition clip into selected target using basic fire mode. Stops firing if target dies.

Geoscape Ideas and Concerns

Most Phoenix Bases should not be as close to coastal water as they are. Which would also give your player base some more time before they were under direct threat.

Havens of factions or independents should update your map to any nests from attacks they have survived when you talk to them IMO.

If only because they’d want to test if you’d really go fight the aliens attacking them. Better if you do it as a mission system. Quick quips about surviving or pushing them back with a reward offered to remove the menace. The option to not take rewards for more influence or deals on recruits/trades should always be available as a player choice IMO.

If what I read elsewhere is correct the enemy uses a point system and is launched from nests/lairs. These points should be regenerated over time at the nest/lair. AKA a cool down that you tweak. Larger nests produce more point/faster but small starter nests should be much slower point regeneration. Reducing the haven attack spam currently ongoing.

However nest generation is beyond me atm. I need more time to get further before I really attempt to discuss that mechanic in depth. I think that nests involved with a merger should need full points to perform said merger. So they can keep attacking you or work toward growing but not both.

Though I’d expect the mist to be more focused on southern continents due to lore with the majority of survivors focused in the north. Where sometimes it seems like certain factions are overdeveloped in South America as an example. But we’re on a backbuild so that’s hard to judge.

Battle Field Ideas and Concerns

All cave systems need a see through ceiling. We should not be arcing grenades 20+ feet back and forth.

Some LOS issues mainly seen in caves where enemies can see and shoot you from inside shadow areas (Not mist) despite your characters having LOS as they are able to shoot you…

I know you guys are aware but please fix loot collection from dead and chests when mission is successful ASAP. Trying to work around that is painful.

Melee Bash needs love as the stun fails to function and it should not be that damaging to the weapon used. I’d expect 1/2 of the damage current value at most.

Ending Statement

These are just the things that really stand out to me at this time. As I expect certain things like tech advances and weapon upgrades to be in the works on later in the game from where I am. I love the premise and I have enjoyed many aspects of the game as is. I am looking forward to the progress the development crew makes.

Nice feedback. I wonder if my won’t be too long :frowning:

This is nice idea. I haven’t though about that. :slight_smile:

Well after 2 mists and world war it is hard to say where would you expect humanity to be more safe. :slight_smile:

Stun fails to function? I would say it function too often. :smiley: And damage to weapon is often like 25% damage done to the enemy. I would say nice trade off. But if you don’t want to damage weapon, un-equip all things and punch with fists. :wink:

Just quick respond:

I think they have to balance the weapoon and armor stats a bit (want to write next days a feedback). The -45% accuracy for heavy are way too much and I don’t really get why a light sniper armor gives -speed like a heavy armor or assault legs give +speed bonus.

You just can go medic with your heavies, remember the New Jerico heavy. Also there is a perk that increases healing by 50%. My field medic is mainly an assault, just because of dash and high movement speed.

Snipers still have a good accuracy. With double shot still increasing, if they remove the accuracy there will be a reason to add precision shot.
There is no need for another movement perk.

There is a skill that empties you current clip called rage burst.

Removing the weapon damage on bashing would be good, I still don’t use it just because of the selfdamage.

I hope we will get more starting points, it seem to be limited to about 6 at the moment.