Why are there no weapon extensions?

The game is great and armor and bodyparts got very nice extensions. But why not weapons? I think it would fit so well to this game like Fra Xcom done. I would like to improve my weapon as I wanted.

Is there any plan for this? Like a DLC or expansion?

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Maybe its a balancing purpose. The weapons gets balanced almost every greater patch. If you add weapon mods, it will be hard to balance these weapons around these mods, or they would for example remove shred from assault rifles and add shred to mods. So you can add shred to your assault rifles, but if you dont have the tech, it will be hard time to fight for example vs New Jericho.

There is a ticket for this on Canny:


It’s currently under review.

If you are interested, you can upvote it to show the devs that you want this feature.

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Thank you!

Probably there will be some. Devs just need some time to develop them and balance after implementing. Unfortunately it is more of a distant future rather than close one.

Time is not important. If we get an immortal game which we can play forever as a whole perfect one, it’s good enough. I like Xcom-2 but the tactical mechanics are so bad compared the new games like PP or Gears, I just can play it anymore.

This game got huge potential and after it’s done by devs and modders go in, I think we will have the best possible xcom game.

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I’d go for more “one off” unique weapons maybe? A custom-built Disruptor with improved accuracy found as a side mission for one Haven where some gun-nut decided to actual put some sights on the thing. :wink: