[Game mecanic / balance] Weapons

I understand we have to search to best weapon from the diffrents factions.
But many weapons are underused because of a lack of power.

First : The weapons should have more differences between factions so we can choose for a special stat/effect, to get more versatile weapon of a soldier class. Some are very usefull, some are too bad.

Second : The weapons do not have some mods. We could pimp a bit our guns with mods according our play style (and counter a bit the random effect if we don"t have luck to find THE weapon model to have). We don’t have an evolution feeling for weapons. The weapons don’t change bug the ennemies YES and a lot !

Third : Sniper rifles are usefull but I think the other weapons should be more like basic rifles, not efficient against armor (or we can craft some piercing amunition ?).

Each faction has at least 1 good weapon. While others have more. Anu, in my opinion, only has one, the Shredding Shotgun. New Jericho has some great missile launchers & tech weapons. Their mid-research weapons are pretty good early on. Synedrion also has their strongest weapons for latter on in the game. While their paralyzing weapons are very helpful mid-game.

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people gravitate towards the best, a lot of weapons will remain underused regardless.

  1. “more differences between factions so we can choose for a special stat/effect” is a tad vague, the latter part of the request also makes me feel it would go for more of the most desirable stats…not actual versatility.

  2. weapon modifications, I think you are talking bipods, grips and scopes here…if they open up abilities that cost AP or will to use then I’m all for it…not just generic “+bonus stat” boosters.

  3. “sniper rifles are useful”…yes… “but other weapons should be more like basic rifles, not efficient against armor” I think you are talking about assault rifles like the ares here, and wonder why other weapons should be more like them…
    “or we can craft some armor piercing amunition ?” that would render the whole -other weapons should be like assault rifles- completely moot, so I have no idea what you are actually suggesting here.


There are piercing weapons in the game.

With regards to ammo, it’s quite disappointing that AP ammo etc was not separated conceptually from the weapon that uses it.

If you have the tech, PP and any other faction should have the option to have AP ammo.

That’s one thing I think they should have gone with from the get go. People like tinkering, one of the biggest bits of feedback on Firaxis EU was that people wanted to add things to weapons to change them (how they work).


Different ammo types for the same weapon would be great.

Perhaps the shotgun could be sawn off to shorten its range further but provide even bigger bang for the buck(shot, as it were, haha)?

Also the ability to add a scope to a gun could be fun as well, even if it is only the various sniper rifles in the game.

The New Jericho automatic heavy weapon could perhaps get a belt fed option so while there’s ammo in the backpack the gun auto-reloads for you (or something).

Maybe the humble assault rifle could get a grenade launcher attachment upgrade that fires the grenade from a person’s belt (or something)?

It coube an add with pros and cons.
Like : bigger magazine on assault rifles, but -1 (or 2) for speed of +1 weight

We can play with weapon weight, soldier’s speed, accuracy, damage, ammo capacity, soldier vision (for scope or infrared night scopes, and so on)


Yes, that would be consistent with the rest of the game for add ons and mods to be a kind of trade off.