Workshop - mod the gear in more than one way

So i was thinking about the gear in x-com, endless war had some nice stuff to implement on the gear so the question is, why not making something a player could really dig in?
i’m ignorant in programming so perhaps it could be a whole lot of work but i’m just putting it here and see where it gets.

The basic idea is scrambling stuff, like weapons you don’t use, or gear that get damaged will brake and get useless. Also crabs could leave stuff behind that could be collected in simple pieces, gear parts.
In a workshop menù you could modify a weapon like the assault rifle tuning the stats, perhpas not improving the design but still adding stuff with a cost, some ideas:
Larger ammo clip ( like 50% more bullets )
scope ( bonus to accuracy )
mods to gearbox, barrel for damage etc.
stocks lowering the movement points to shoot

every weapon has like some options for modding, some don’t. The crabs could have they’re own version of mods that apply randomly so you never know which crab has the bfg that will make you sweat.

For the armor you could add plates, less movement but like a +1 armor
compartments to enhance the carrying slots
sights for the helmet, snipers could see farther or trough mist.

Stuff like this could randomize the game in a huge way, what do you think?

im quite sure research will be implemented at a later date

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well… it totally depends on the number of types of weapons in the game.
IF we have limited number (like FXCOM just one type per weapon level), I would vote yes, and introduce mods, just like in FXCOM.

HOWEVER… (there is always ‘but’)

  1. in FXCOM there was pretty always ‘the best’ combo for a weapon. In PP it could shine because of additional mechanics (just to mention: magazines, so Large Magazine Mod is a great addition because you not only postpone reloading but also it may save your ass because you don’t have infinite ammo; optic scopes, collimators works differently for types of weapons, e.g. collimators could increase aim in overwatch/reaction shots)

  2. While I love this random effect of weapon modification, we have to remember that adding a random factor to equation always brings a risk of disaster. so now guys would have to check every update for all possible weapon combination.

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perhaps there could be some sort of limit or some mods don’t fit with others so you have to decide which bonus is best for some situations.
I hope for no disaster, but i guess there has to be reason in it to avoid making people lives a hell

PP is following a different path for sure.
having 8 (instead of 6) ppl in the basic manticore (I still hope it won’t be the only type of drop ship) is a huge difference. If you add a vehicle(s) to that, you clearly don’t have the best combination. If you don’t have the best combination you are on a good path to create a pretty individual way of playing.
In this case modding may be an extremely good addition to the game.
After BB3 I can imagine having a spotter with a good field of view and armadillo full of assaults with sawed-off shotguns (perks: -2 range, -2 max ammo, +2 mobility, +4 damage, increase bleed chance, codename: Wrath of Kane :wink: ). So something like JTAC and strike team.
or maybe a state of the art silencer which turns a weapon into a dead silent killing tool (example HK MP5SD). perks: no burst mode, -2 dmg, daze on hit (enemy can’t see you until a second shot from the same soldier). I could create multiple scenarios like that. I CAN’T wait for a full version :slight_smile:

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Same here! A like wrath of kane would be brutal and awesome, fitting the players style to play. I still have to try the armadillo, i’m used to have only squadmates from the former x-com and thinkin about leaving behind four operaties doesn’t feel well but I hope that vehicle makes it up. Dunno if there will be other dropships, inthe last two titles there was only one model. Without the dogfight against ufo’s I guess there will be no fighters

P.s. chance to put a trophy on armor like alien skull or similar which could make crabs go to panic like when you kill most of they’re companions in one turn.

The Fig-campaign had weapon-modifications planned (instead of making weapons like in FiraXCOM), so I have hopes for that.

I believe the best “dropship” will have a maximum of 18 soldiers (or 16? something there), so I guess the answer is yes.

the plan back during the Fig campaign was 16 max. No idea if that is still the case. Maybe that is what the Anu blimp is for.

16 or 18 operatives are a lot to handle, it would be more likely a war instead of a mission. Dunno how to feel about it but I certainly must try it.

That’s one of the reasons why I love that the vehicles are taking up multiple “soldier slots”, if balanced right, we can have smaller squads with vehicles without losing (too much) advantage, at least on maps where they are usable.

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Thinking about it, an armadillo takes four slots on a manticore so yeah the size would fit. A large map with vehicles, crab hyves on multiple fronts would be something new like war on a front. To be honest thr feeling x-com gave me was always operative, hit them hard and fast but never a real war. Pp could be different and the thoughts about it gives me positive chills. Perhaps with those numbers in a squad there could be hope for a tank, perhaps something like motorcycles for fast engegement in a larger map, ok i’m thinking to far.

in FXCOM you could have 6 soldiers, but it was part of achievement to finish the game with 4. it was doable.
I agree that having 16 is a small army, but I hope that adding some vehicles like an armadillo and maybe something bigger in the future, would ‘eat’ the spots in a very simple way.
Or maybe we could get some air support vehicles like AC-130 Spectre? So you have a spot for 8 units (instead of 12-16), but the rest of space is taken by air artillery, rockets or surveillance tech?

What about a mech? 3/4 meters high combat exo to battle the queen and sit down watching some crabwrestling pinch n slash/hammer/drill.
The aircraft would be nice but how do you handle it ingame?

TBH the aircraft sounds pretty easy to implement as it’s circling high above the battlefield, away from the range of typical weaponry. So you don’t have to prepare new models etc (maybe some cutscenes?). All you have to do is add special abilities with 3-4 turns cooldown to make losing a transport space easier to swallow.
ofc adding off the field units is a huge change, but maybe just an idea for an expansion pack?

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And then we remember that the “Underwater DLC” is an idea loved by many (and was a stretchgoal for the Fig-campaign, sadly we failed to reach it), and using your “submarine” to help in combat sounds cool too.