Ideas for adding more immersion (Later after balancing)

I don’t know about everyone but I really like immersion and feel that X-com Firaxcom and now hopefully PP will support features that allow for more of this.

I am a backer who came to and installed Epic thanks to PP,

I am enjoying Phoenix Point so far and I intend to recommend it and even buy it all (again) once it’s out on steam and has a dedicated modding community rocking there so long as things like the below get some attention along the way between here and when we get there,

Some Key Things I would really like at some point in the future:

  1. Solider biographies (Self explanatory)
  2. Grave Yard or memorial
  3. Stat tracking/record keeping of soldiers deeds
  4. More classes, abilities, mutations cybernetics etc (Variance is key)
  5. More Enemy variants with new and different types and mutations and less reliance on stat creep (see above)
  6. More Diplomacy and life and a bit less war mongering from the 3 factions (They help defend their havens, they show up and fight each other on the tactical level etc.) Plus a new faction of outcast resistance who refuse to join the havens and are using guerilla tactics.
  7. More variance in the tech, weapons, armor, vehicles explosives, gene mods etc.
  8. More variance in the Maps and map sizes with some more ambient things like dust, trash, wildlife
  9. More Lore as the expansions come out draw us in and flesh this out as you have a winner on your hands lore wise.
  10. More Event’s and event types or things like Friaxcom’s Sitreps to make the game more unpredictable

Just my Backers 2 bits if you will.

Good foundational job overall here Snapshot just flesh this baby out and you have a real winner on your hands.


I am totally with you on all of these points and especeially those two are easy to implement and had been mentioned many times in user feedback:

I would also ask to display a bigger avatar of your selected soldier in tactical mission. Currently their faces are so small that it is difficult to recognise them. =\


All “more” whishes have a validity, but some are a bit extreme, some comment:

  • “More variance in the tech, weapons, armor” PP has about 10 time more equipment than XCOM2, and offer a lot more choices than XCOM2 which use a more linear routine leading to no choice, better > much better > even better. More is better but here it’s breaking some limits.
  • “More classes, abilities” PP has more classes than XCOM2 vanilla, I think a DLC will add one class. In PP There’s plenty personal abilities involving specific problems and choices, mutations add another set of special abilities, some equipment add even more special abilities. I doubt XCOM2 with all extension can compete on number of abilities with PP. More is better but here it’s breaking some limits.
  • “More lore” I would add, caution, too much will bore some players if they are forced into it.

Otherwise like Lorifel I add a strong +1 to memorial, and records for soldiers alive and dead. Stats could be, days alive, day recruit, number of kills, damages soak, damages received, damages done, armor removed done(?), healing/repair done(?), number of panic(?), number of enemy controlled(?), day death.

And for the other more sections:

  • “More variance in the Maps” I also think it would need a bit more maps, more visual differences, for example nests and plenty special missions feel they use the same map, and even if not, the feeling is strong because the look is too similar. More maps but also more cosmetic obvious differences. Alas it’s a lot of work, a big extension would be great for that, like it happened with XCOM1, vanilla was suffering of diversity, and extensions improved it greatly.
  • “More Enemy variants” This is a complex topic a bit linked to video game conventions or history. What players complained in JA1&2 to fight only one enemy type, humans? The variations are coming mainly from their equipment and stats. PP has plenty key variations related to that around skills, and weapon and armors variations for enemies. Objectively there’s probably more variations than in XCOM2. But at least one more enemy type like Siren but totally different would help greatly I think.
  • “More Diplomacy/Event” Yeah more is better and each point could improve the gameplay quality not just a matter of quantity, but it depends of cost.
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Some stats (I love stats) and more map types would do it for me.

Yeah, I’m with you there - However I also would rather have lore in game than an external story or whatnot if it’s going to be written. Finding stories during a scavenger mission or something, I might, in the right mood, give it a read, but if it’s external I’m just ignoring it all as already got too much other stuff to read.

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Yes the 500 pages lore book in the game so they will be forced to translate it, I like the idea. It could be a special option in events showing clearly it’s only general lore information so players could ignore it quietly.

Fair and intelligently thought out counter points Z. I will still support all of my asks and stand by my thought that more variance is better. I’d rather get such from the creators themselves but Mod’s can really spice up the variance in games like it has for me in Firaxcom. (Playing that again Modded up while PP Bakes a bit more in the oven) Still playing PP as well mind you just in bite size chunks.

Different opinions, one more proof that humans aren’t clones, woo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: