Cancel refund due to post stating it can be played on steam

Well like many other people I was livid when it became clear that we were being used as a taxfree loan while breaking promises for a service I paid for, against EU law I might add. I refunded the game and was given some promise that in a month some money transfer company that I do not know or trust would ask for my bank details, again something I’m not happy with. However the recent post has shown that I can play the game on steam and I will not be forced into playing on a launcher that does not have any review content or community just as they are pouring money into promising games with the money they get from charging kids for outfits. I would therefore like to cancel my refund as this was not clear to me through the message that Gollop posted and the following fallout that it was done essentially for a couple of million. I have emailed your order service but have received no response. Regards… An angry potential client.

So long as you don’t submit your details to TransferWise and claim the refund, then it will automatically be cancelled.

You’re email most likely has been received, but as the Studio is in Bulgaria it’s currently the middle of Friday night, so generally emails won’t receive a reply until Monday.

So essentially if I don’t provide any details I will not have been refunded and I will remain a backer?

That is correct.

I assume you’ve already filled in the google forum requesting a refund?

If so, one of two things has happened. Either your refund has been processed and you will receive an email from TransferWise - in which case, just ignore it.

Or your refund is waiting to be processed in the next batch. If that’s the case, and you’ve also sent an email asking for it to be cancelled, then it shouldn’t get processed at all.

Either way, so long as you don’t complete the refund with TransferWise, you will remain a backer.

That is correct. OK, thank you for your assistance. Let’s hope that this all goes away when you blow us away with Backer build 4.

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You can only play on Steam after the one year exclusivity deal.

Not entirely correct.

You will need to install Epic Game Store to install Phoenix Point. You will also need to use EGS to patch/update the game.

You can also manually add the game to steam, but steam will not patch it, and i believe (but do not know for sure) that it will not use any steam features.

Saying “you can play it on Steam” is quite disingenuous… you can add it as a game to Steam, yes (but you can do that to practically any game through the “add a non Steam game to my library”). Depending on what PP’s own launcher does, you may also have to run Epic’s launcher to patch the game (and naturally install any DLC, etc etc)

You can also play it without adding the game to anything (per Snapshot its DRM free).

If you want to “properly” get the game through Steam you first have to wait one year after its initial release when the exclusivity deal ends, then, if it is added by Steam, then and only then can you properly “play it on Steam”.

So I can play it without epic. Problem solved. I’m not a steam fan boy, it just didn’t seem fair the way they went about it. If you crowdfund a game you don’t expect to be part of an expensive marketing campaign for a third party.

Yes, as they have stated, you can run the game without running the Epic Launcher. You do however, have to install and run the Epic Launcher to install the game (and to patch the game, and to install DLC’s, etc etc).

What happens to those backers, like myself, who live in a country where Phoenix Point is region-locked out of Epic? I already sent a private email several days ago to Snapshot, but have got nothing but crickets so far.

Not much at the moment as you already know.

According to the EGS Roadmap Koreans have to wait more than 6 months and I expect the rest of Asia has to wait for 2020 too. This store was rushed and should not have been released for at least a year.

You have these options now:

  • Refund and express your anger loudly while not buying SG games anymore
  • Refund and swallow your anger and get the game in 2020
  • Don’t refund and wait for the GoG/Steam release
  • Wait for the EGS to be available in your country

Whatever you choose thank your for backing my favourite game francise.

Yeah that is disgraceful, I also feel sorry for you. You clearly wanted to support and play this game and nasty business practices stopped you from getting what you paid for. I imagine that there are a lot of people who have requested a refund and that they have a backlog. I’d recommend messaging unstable voltage on this board on Monday. He is their “suffering” relations guy he responds quickly and is nice and professional.

Thanks for the info, Traxxexx,
I had contacted Epic twice, but got no response. It goes without saying I won’t buy another product by Snapshot. The exclusivity was half-baked. I’m sure I’m not the only customer in Asia who feels burned by Snapshot.

Thanks, Shrike,
I will contact Unstable Voltage. Wasn’t sure it was a real person or just AI. Still, doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to do anything but get a refund or wait. I have zero confidence in Epic and none too happy that Snapshot was willing to write off any backers in Asia as a loss. Won’t buy from them again.

The guy’s no ai. Best of luck

He’s actually a real person with his own YouTube Channel.
Because of him and his waffle comment I had to clean my monitor because I sprayed coffee at it.
He’s also the only moderator on this forum to my knowledge and I personally think that he’s doing a very good job.

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Playable on steam, yes, AFTER 1 YEAR! You need to wait 1 year more dude! WAKE UP!

What is the time compared to the endless universe…

LOL, you do the waiting bro. I won’t even wait 1 day.