Could i request a Refund after this Further Delay?

hi im looking to see about requesting a refund for this game since its getting further delayed.

Any help Appreciated.

I’m not attacking you, but I’m curious. How does this delay hurt you in any way? Especially since the combat and rigging is done, and the new models are being shown in the last few dev diaries/news, guaranteeing the game is being finished?

Because, i have very little money as it is, and there are other games releasing ‘As normal’ that i could be happily playing… i dont hate phoenix point or have any problems with epic store i just want to refocus my funds to other games that i want to play like Zelda Links Awakening releasing in September or closer Age of Wonders Planetfall since i wont be able to with Phoenix point now till end of year.

Yes the delay is a little disheartening but there are other games still releasing i could be playing soon.
thats it.

I can understand that, I’m quite poor. I barely scraped together 32e to buy Planetfall.

I understand as well, money doesn’t run very high in my house as well, and this new delay was rather… unfortunate, to say the least, even if not totally unexpected. I will not ask for a refund because I really want to play PP, but don’t blame those whonsee otherwise.

we will be delaying the release of game from September 3, 2019 to December, 2019 .

I knew this gonna happen )) And… I welcome the decision.