How do I get the game?

I pre-ordered the game last year, and I’ve got the email saying that it’s out now (super excited!) but the get access button just takes me to the shop. I’ve already paid for it, now how do I download it?

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The Early Access, pre-alpha build for those who backed/bought the more expensive packages is out, not the game. The “normal” release is scheduled for late Q4 of 2018.

The email may be misleading if you didn’t follow the news.

Oh, well, that sucks. Is there any way to upgrade?

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If you bought it through the xsolla store, then it should be possible, contact support ( is the adress I believe) and/or @UnstableVoltage.

It is currently not possible to upgrade, the last I heard on it was “We are working on a solution”, but right now it is not officially possible, no.

UV might have more uptodate information on that one, but as far as I am aware, that’s still a work in progress.

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@Homer_Morisson Wrong, they can upgrade xsolla purchases, just not original fig/crowdox backers/purchases.

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Well nope, as you can see there, that’s a refund to allow for a new purchase – that’s obviously possible, but as far as I am aware, they are currently trying to figure out an actual upgrade option, without the hassle of refunding first.

So yeah, I guess via cancelling the original order, it is possible, granted, but personally I’m not at all a fan of that solution – but as long as Snapshot is offering it, it is fair to take them up on it too, of course.

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The question was if there is any way to upgrade, and the end result is the same (well, almost).

Sure, it’s not as convenient as using a built-in function (like backerkit has), but it’s possible, which is an important difference. I’m not able to upgrade my purchase, as I’m an original Fig-backer, and this little difference means a lot.

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Can Epic purchases be upgraded? (no please, dont throw no stones).
Next year is too long to wait :slight_smile: Just the latest BB access, nothing fancier than that.

No. Only purchases through the Xsolla store can be upgraded. You can refund the epic purchase and then buy one of the upgraded versions

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Nah, overcomplicated.

Vastly superior would be for “exclusive dealer” to offer BB upgrade.

See you 2020 boys!



After latest delay, (and Epic change, Linux silent drop) giving BB to all would be wise choice, while thinking
how to additionally reward original backers (name / item / wallpaper thing). Looks like endless loop of loosing support and pissing off gamers, while yet being a great game.

It could be e.g. Backers Build 2 or 3, just something to play until …

I am also Steam user, but downloaded Epic just because of Point, and dont bitch about it.

That would be a great way to piss of backers who put more then minimal amount of money, and especially those who purchased more expensive editions recently. Not all who paid for “privilege” of beta texting, paid for it back in fig campaign times.

No, it wouldn’t be smart to give access to an unpolished, buggy and not-fun to play beta to people who weren’t interested in testing the game in the first place (aka. weren’t willing to pay for it). If one has doubt about Snapshot competence, giving them access to a build which is janky and not fun is not the best way to winning them over.

Patiently waiting for release date, and the delay only gives me hope, that it will be in good state at launch.

Depends. I wasnt aware of KS or crowdfunding back in the day, otherwise would
support it early.

Now, with presales ongoing a year or more after original crowfunding it can be equaly said all other prebuyers have sponsored the game development.

Game has already been delayed few times, and new injustice is keeping those guys
without anything to play with, be it BB1.

I am interesting to test it, would pay for simple upgrade justo to access BB,
not “Platinum” and other collectors items.

Or to put it in context - why not allowing ALL INTERESTED current buyers to pay small fee, or for free, try some of the backers build? It might only keep them interested. If a new prolonguation happens, some people might even think of refund.

Point is - you cant currently get BB, game will be quite prolongued, but you can buy it 2+ ways. Something is wrong there, and one has to admit it.

No injustice has been done to anyone. People will get for what they paid for. If delay offends someone, replacing unfinished product with a finished product is hardly a worthy replacement anyway.

BB is still available for sale, in the same way as it was at any time in the past. Unless I am missing something Premium Edition is still very much on sale. It is pricey, but so it was back during the campaign. $25 gap between my “early bird” pledge and one with beta and DLCs is what resulted in me not having access to either. It is more pricey now then it was during campaign, but that’s how those things work - as game is closer to release, the prices hike up.

It’s a bummer that implementing upgrade option didn’t happen. I get desire for a free or cheap option to get what ones want (I would happily give Beta a go myself!), but the only reasonable option of it happening I see, is pledge upgrade being implemented. A bit too late into campaign to ask or wait for it, though.

Beta has always been a pricey addon and most likely it is so by design. Even though the deal is quite bad value wise (or perhaps because of it) it’s aimed at most dedicated fanbase, and in those case it doesn’t seem to be either you nor me. I did after all spend $20 on beta addon for PoE2: Deadfire… Obsidian did implemented pledge upgrades pretty swiftly though.

Delays to official dates are sale killer, no offense. They are simply, wrong PR and sales policy. So in a part it is an buyers offense. Think of any other product you would prepay.

For me, if I have to wait 3-6 months more then last promised release, unfinished product keeps an interest.

But, nevermind, no injustice done.

Beside games that never developed (so called “Development hells”) do you remember the game that had so many official release delays and platform (sale platform) as well as target platform (Linux dropped) changes during development cycle?

Having nothing against new studio, that alone is simple down turner.

OK, I can sell my Epic game, buy Platinum one at Xena and get latest BBuild alone, but then I would be paying for unfinished product, since I already paid for finished? What about that side of logic?

I don’t get it. :smiley: People play those h’n’s games and are ready to pay something extra. If I well remember what you have written, you were a lot on the move so probably you had some important job, which imply that you are not the first youth. Probably you remember Diablo I and you don’t have too much spare time. Don’t you consider seaching for long hours for next ring, which will give you *1.0005 more damage a waste of time?

By buying platinum edition, you buy a premium edition of the finished PP game, with some goodies on the side, one of which is access to pre-release builds.

There is no real benefit to preordering games and therefore you should never ever do it.

PP did see multiple release windows, and delays. Whenever, it is due to mis-planning, unexpected roadblocks or simply new opportunities opening to work on the game for a bit more, I have no idea. The delay to September was expected, the one to December was not… but it did alleviate some of my worries regarding the game releasing before it spend enough the in the oven. We heard, after all, that some major mechanics might not make it into September release.

As far as delays, late releases and change in scope: yeah, they are a common bread of crowdfunded projects. I am struggling to think of a crowdfunded game, which did release in initially pitched timeframe. Whenever it is due: (a) bigger scope, due to bigger resources, (b) bad estimation or © unrealistic release window to not make it too far off for backers I cannot say. It is shocking for a crowdfunded project to release on a promised date, though I did hear from a friend of a board game being delivered month before initial release date. Those are a different beast though, as creative process (game design) was already finished, and all that was funded was the physical production.

Naturally, it is in developers best interest to not overpromise, and deliver product as close to original release, but more importantly as closely resembling pitched project. It’s more important for PP to be good then to be on time. In Dec few will remember when the previous release dates were planned.

I used to travel between continents twice per year but it was for University. Plus extra travels for work experience and later actual work (maybe mentioning that I am a musician will explain some things). Need to move around, doesn’t contradict a free evening with a laptop on my lap, and wine or scotch in a hand. I have been pretty much settled in one place for about a year now.

PoEs are not Hack’n Slash games. Never liked Diablo-style things, don’t like grinding and feels like a waste of time. But give me a nice, deep sprawling RPG with character build to explore, stories to uncover, roles to role play, lore to absorb, character arcs to craft and uncover.

PoEs, Infinity Engine Games, Witcher’s, Deus exes, Fallouts 1&2, New Vegas, they are my very favourite games, if they are done right. I will find time needed to complete and replay such titles. Depending on time available it can take months to beat one such game. Ah reminds me of a time, in my freshman year, when I would borrow my friends laptop for a night (mine was to old at the time) and play Witcher1, all the way from 11pm to 7am. Beat the entire game that way. I long for times when sleep was a choice, not a necessity.

It has in support and being first player, beside alpha and pre releases like here with BBs.

december 2019 I read like January 2020. Wake me up if some “corporate policy” changes meanwhile.