After Battle reloads autosave from end of battle before

So have had this a number of times now. I finish a battle (usually haven defence, last was Syn not sure if all are) and when i go back to the geoscape its loaded the autosave from the end of the last battle. So im in Geo some time before i even started the battle i finished. Very annoying

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Where do you own the game? On Which platform/store? PC (Windows) or MAC? Are you using some mods?

Could you please send us an in-game report via F10 so we can investigate? That way we will get your settings, logs, saves, etc.

Just press F-10 while playing Phoenix Point after the problem occurs, fill the report and send it to us.

We got few similar reports but were not able to reproduce the issue on our end.

Hi Valygar, what do you want this bug to be reported as? I’ve had a near similar version. The game gets sent to a previous game save, but not exactly and there is a disparity between what is displayed on the globe screen and what has happen. E.g. a haven mission is shown to be available, but has been completed and can’t be entered.

Hi Ementrude, It is not that important how exactly you describe it. I think the description in the original post is fine. Important is to report it via F10 after it happens so it is shown in the logs.

It would be helpful to give this info (both here and into the report): Do you have some mods installed? Where did you buy the game? Steam, EGS, GOG, MS Store, Stadia. Is it Windows or Mac version?

As we were not able to replicate it outside of the affected saves It could be caused by mods or it can be a specific issue for some versions. Like for example, it can be happening only on the EGS Mac version or only on Microsoft Store, etc.

win 10 steam, no mods, all DLC (backer). Will f10 next time i see it. I do have a save right after it happened if thats any use

Hi Valygar, I’ve just seen and reported this bug again. Is there any progress on finding the issue? It’s just disheartening when the game keeps reversing in time. I am wondering if there are other reports of this weird problem?

Do you use cloud saves?

I’m not sure, so will need to check. But it’s the steam version, so probably and a very good question - thanks.

I use cloud saves off of Epic platform, Win 10. Thank you for steering to right thread @Ementrude. Wish they would acknowledge and fix this.

I currently believe (based on only a few hours of gameplay) that turning off the cloud save prevents this issue from happening. Thanks to @Yokes and FYI @Valygar.

Can confirm this just happened to me. I have a quicksave right before I take the last shot on a base defence mission (yep I’m save scum). once the enemy is killed the geoscape loads to a completely different game point entirely. I.E it is:

a completely different map position on a scavenge mission
the ship I was using no longer exists (not acquired yet)
The soldier that takes the last ship, is gone (not acquired yet either)

The files are mixed somehow.I use cloud saves off of Epic platform, Win 10 also.

Yup, Groundhog Day bug is back. Reloads my heaven defense mission back to Synedrion event I had few game hours before that mission. :man_shrugging:

This bug is back for me despite the steam cloud save being turned off. I have recently started a new game and then it happened again. I checked the steam cloud to be sure, but it’s off. I’m actually starting to get annoyed with it as it really should not be happening and started with the new DLC.

We are aware of this bug and fixing it is high priority for us. The cause appears to be something interfering with autosave and autosave_1, preventing further current_geoscape saves to be generated so the game goes back to the previous one. Unfortunatelly we still do not know what causes it exactly. It could be an anti-virus, it could be an windows update, it could be literally anything. But we have some ideas for a workaround and will continue looking into it.

We have enough reports about it now so you do not need to report it again. Sorry for the problems.


I have the same issue in my campain. it will load automaticaly the last autosave after the mission. I cant safe manually a new savegame and i cant make a quicksafe. The last post was in Aug 2021, is there a way to solve the Problem? I wont start the campaign from the beginning :frowning: