When to start stealing research?

In my current Legend game, about 1.5 months in, I’m struggling to equip soldiers. I have a couple techs, infils, etc, but no specialized equipment for them. I’ve never found a single weapon (just the ammo for some). Am struggling to manufacture enough armour for them let alone weapons they are not proficient in.

Is this normal for Legend?

I just tried my first ‘steal research’ mission and my entire 7-man team (all level 6 or 6) was dead after the first NJ turn. I was hit all at once by 3 heavies (one of which dumped a missile of some sort on me) + 3 snipers + assorted others.

Should I have started stealing long ago? Is that why I seem so far behind in tech and such?

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I start from day 4 onwards after I have est contact with all 3 facs. I focus raiding synedrion so that in doing so, I am adding dip points to both Anus and NJ. I am so happy that even raiding this early, I have gotten all the synedrion armor research, the Helios ship research, advanced AI etc. In fact, I find that raiding those facs (pun intended) gives me their research much faster than if I build dip with them.

I have been “afraid” of touching havens after trying a couple of Lairs with some very nasty surprises, aren´t those Havens very well protected?

Please do not refer to them as anus. :joy::joy::joy:

hahahaha Faqs, Anus… get it? hahahha

Synedrion havens are a joke cos their laser assault weapons cannot penetrate heavy armor at all. I move my terminator squad in (heavy assault hybrids) and kill them like dogs.