Steal Research Bug?

I’m doing steal research run on a Jericho Haven just now. But after stealing 4 techs- even although I get the “new research available” msg at end of mission; when I open my research tab there is nothing there to research. It might be that I’ve stolen all that is available, but if so why tell me that I’ve got new research?

If this is your first raid and you have already reverse engineered NJ weapons there may not be anything left to research. Just a possibility…

I’ve already reverse researched neural tech but that’s all. The raids have got me Armadillo, improved sattelites, gauss weapons and armour. That’s all. What I need is piercing tech and after another 3 attempts- despite being told that the raid has got me new research; there is nothing for me to research.
It is possible that I’ve now got all the research Jericho have but if so I should not be getting a msg saying that I’ve got new research available.

After raid you can gain new tech or 1000 research points. If you get 1000 RP, then you already have all tech from that faction, no matter what game tell you.

Thanks. I guess that NJ must not have researched piercing yet.