Why Steal Research for Tech One Already Has?

I never really got a chance to get research from New Jericho as almost all of their havens were too far away from any of my early bases. I did get some tech from recruits. As the game progressed there was no way for me to build up an alliance with them (without ruining my ties with the other 2 factions). So I opted to do a Steal Research mission. Imagine my surprise when the research I received was for tech I could already produce. I guess my guys weren’t told what tech we already had. Ended up ticking of NJ for no good reason.

Just not lucky at dice I guess…

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Minor bug bothering. Or can you steal twice the same tech, I doubt it.

Just out of curiosity, you stole the gauss technology I presume. Did you have all the parts like fury pistol, bulldog AR, cyclops Sniper and deceptor MG separately reverse engineered? Cause if not than I understand why did you steal the technology in the first place otherwise it a annoying bug.

When I first checked (by reloading an older save) I thought I did have them all. But, now I see that I had not reverse engineered all of them. So my guys did okay and got research that I could have used. I guess I need to trust them more in the future.

I suspected that was the case but didn’t want to say without knowing for certain.

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