Raiding factions

I’m doing a tech rais on Synedrion but cannot steal the techs. I see a console with a blue square nearby, but going there nothing happens even if i have some AP; i always see Steal Research 0/3 on top left

I also see a lot of desks and container with quare and esclamatiopn mark, but even them are not interactable, shotgun fire could blast them away, they arent targets but become so if i start a fire action, but i dont think i should do that

from my experience, I was almost always able to find 3 terminals where I can steal data (counter is updated nex round sometimes).
but I can confirm, not all objects are interactable, but I was thinking that this is part of ‘search for research’ game, to avoid rushing first three before round two.

Not knowin what i had to do i started the good old way blasting dead everybody wasnt in my dropship and, after doing that, start looking for research :innocent:

Now it’s couple turns i dont see reinforcements, i’ll try staying on the blu spots some time and see what happens, hoping Syn guards will stay away of course.

Problem solved

There is an ACTIVATE command when you are over the blue square near the console; it’s not automatic like for containers

A very good thing is that you recover all equipment from the guards, nice stuff even if little ammo just a mag each weapon i almost alway carry a couple spare.

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oh sorry, I was sure that you noticed that you have a new button on action bar :smiley: