Research tell me if i got it right

New campaign, the other one had all savegames not loading or loading and then stopping working at some point.

I’m allied with NJ, three missions done; the aliens seems not to care attacking Syn and Anu tasked me to do their diplo mission in Antartica, very close to Europe where i’m.

I got a few techs for free from NJ, Gauss, technicians, armor piercing and a couple more; now i see NJ research tree.

NJ now is researching Incendiary and they will finish in tw days; at such point i will get it for free. Should i want for example Satellite i would have to research it myself while if i wait i’ll get it once they finish; having some of my research to do i feel no urgence

Should they lose to aliens the settlements with labs their research will slow down so it’s my interest to protect NJ

Considerg that a visit to the South Pole isnt near, the only way i have to get Anu tech is to raid his labs and hope to be lucky and find berserker

Unrelated: in the many new thing i can build there are tentacles that i suppose are to be mounted on techs armor, but those tentacles require ammo and i cannot make it; just wait to research what i need, even if in the tree there is nothing inspiring to build tentacle ammo, or is another bug for the list?

You cannot build “arm’s ammo” due to a bug (already reported)